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ecg reading

I have been getting pains in my left arm &chest, i went for a ECG witch came back.
Heart rate 75bpm

p duratoin 112ms

pr interval 190ms

qrsduration 92ms

qt interval 374ms

qtc interval 419ms

p,qrs,t axis44` 21` 28.

normal sinus rhythm

rsr in v1, could be normal

told it is ok but never said what pains could be down to,still get pain in left arm and worried about the v1
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You could have angina with a normal EKG, as this test is not sensitive for chronic stable angina. I recommend that you get a stress test to further evaluate this pain if you have any risk factors for coronary atherosclerosis ( hypertension, diabetes, family history or are over the age of 55).
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Thank you for the good advise i`m going to my Doctors to day ,i will ask for more testing once again thank you.
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