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heart faliure?

I had a double bypass this year on feb 28. i also have had 9 stents over the last four years. after my bypass i followed up with my heart surgen they did a chest xray in march because of coughing the dr said mild fluid left lung nothing to worry about it is now july i wheeze during exertion and i wake up 3 times a night with coughing and wheezing i spit up a white mucus. no swelling in legs or feet but my abdomen is very hard but getting large. i think fat would be a little softer. i am just getting frustrated i use a inhaler from my wife to help with wheezing but not much relief. any help would be great thx
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328381 tn?1269364102
i am 48 and 5ft 10 and weigh 205 if that helps
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I recommend getting an echocardiogram and seeing a cardiologist.  This sounds like heart failure.
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