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Rapid Heart beat

I've been feeling a rapid heart beat for about a week, laying down in bed my pulse was 115 bpm, yesterday I went to my endocrinologist ( I'm a diabetic type 1 for 16 years ) everything with my diabetes is good, I had a pulse of 124 bpm while in the doctor's office, he ordered an EKG right there and saw everything is ok with my heart, every time I feel my heart beating so fast I get really scared and I started getting a little dizzy, there's no pain at all. What should I do? should I go back to my doctor? I know this is not normal, should I go to the hospital? Thanks a lot.
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It is tough for me to answer that one without seeing the EKG.  I cannot really second guess the decision of a doctor that has seen it.  If you are not feeling well, you should talk to your doctor.  If it does not improve, you absolutely need to talk to your doctor.  There should be a doctor on call for your doctors office but I would not be surprised if it were not your doctor on and the doctor that answers asks you to go to the ER to be evaluated -- it would not be easy to triage this over the phone.  I agree that a pulse of 124 is higher than normal but it is not possible for me to tell you what the cause is.

I hope this helps.
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