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Does this much involvement really help a child become independent?

What do you think?
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In other words, does it hinder their developmental independence in the "real world" ... ?
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spoiling the child i think is the worse thing to do. i think of letting them be independent is the right thing but at what age do you let them go ,instead of giving them every thing they want ? they will not learn to be independent like me i was giving everything in my hand and i didnt learn until much later :(
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My oldest has a Blackberry (she's 18) ... I provide the basic service; she pays for the luxury of the Internet ........... in a sense, she's still spoiled --- do we really need the Internet at that age in the palm of your hand?  -- but on the other hand, it's giving something in exchange for something and that's responsibility to pay for it monthly or she'll lose it.  

Speaking of which .... same thing for expensive articles of clothing .. my kids each pay for part of them; this way --- they don't end up on the football bleachers or gym lockers left behind or stolen.

That's my thought on it .

Not sure if I've drifted off the subject or not LOL ... (no pun intended)

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