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How do you know if you have liver damage?

I had a biopsy 3  yrs. ago and the result said, necroinflammatory activity score 1, fibrosis score 0-1.
Spotty steatosis was noted.
I hope some one will answer, seems like a a ghost  town around here now!!
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How to know if you have liver damage is ask the doctor who ordered the test.

My lay persons best guess is you have mild inflammation of 1 and mild scaring (fibrosis) of 0-1 all of which is very minimal

I don't know my inflammation but I do know my fibrosis score which is F4 or liver cirrhosis the fibrosis scale goes from F0 to F4
Thank you flyinlynn.
hope you are ok.
Yeah I am ok I have had cirrhosis for 10 years now.
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hi pitter! i'll bet you got that new easy tx...hope all is well for you
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