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Interferon injections and Gallbladder Problems

After I took Interferon treatments, I started to have pain in my right side. I asked the doctor if someone could have liver pain and I was given a vague answer. The pains increased and over night became severe. Went to ER, it was my gallbladder. No stones it quit functioning all together. I think we would all like to get a census of the issue. Thank you for your time and interest
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I found out I had gallstones during my hcv workup, never knew I had them. I took interferon for 12 weeks in 2014, and have had no problems then or now.
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I am not sure I fit your survey.  I had INF tx in the mid 90s - and had digestive problems after, but had them befor, too, so cannot separate them out - fast forward to 2014 - dx'd with gallstones and had to have them removed.
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Is such kind of pain a listed side effect of interferon? I have to say I'm surprised that a doctor would opt for interferon treatment (50% cure rate) in 2015 when the obvious choice are the new line of antiviral drugs, based of sofosbuvir (95% cure rate).

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