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Thyroid problems post treatment, anyone?

This is primary regarding the thyroid function post-treatment. During treatments, all 12 of them, never had any thyroid problems. About 3 mon. post Tx w/my last TX, my thyroid became HYPOthyroid. It was so much so, that the docs put me on Synthroid(I was on the generic version).  It was making me feel weird, so I convinced them to allow me to gradually taper off of it. And I did do this successfully, over a period of months.  Then, about 6 mon. ago, completely off of the Synthroid for quite some time, it, turns, on it's own to HYPERthyroid.  It's been retested several times now and it keeps being HYPERthyroid. I've been off the Synthroid for 8 mon and so, it's not caused by that. I've been off of the Hep C for over a year, I think it's been like 17 mon., so it's not that either.  My endocrinologist ordered a thyroid uptake scan, which I had done on Mon., and the scan showed that my thyroid was taking up the iodine normally. So, why is my bloodwork so abnormally running HYPERTHYROID??  I just don't know if this is at all related to the Hep C, or to the past TX.  The radiologist, on the report for my uptake scan recommended to my endocrinologist that I get a thyroid ultrasound, too.  Evidentally, the left side of my thyroid had a slight difference in the cold zones, uptake reading.  Have any of you had thyroid issues post treatment?  Susan400
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I have never fully recovered from interferon/ribavarin tx for HCV. I was finally dx'd with hypothyroidism three years after tx. In looking at my history of labs, it was apparent it was slowly failing, but not out of ref range so everyone kept saying my symptoms were not due to hypo. The endocrinologist who finally dx'd it was very "matter of fact" that it was due to the interferon (i.e., he had no doubts). It is not Hashimoto's which is autoimmune hypothyroid; I don't know if that would have made a difference in his opinion. He also likes to see the TSH at the very low end of a lab's reference range when he treats.
The "Thyroid Disorders" community has a couple of very knowledgeable members, especially one named Barb, and you may have to wait for some responses; they don't seem to have as many members as this community. Post your test results with the reference ranges on your given tests; they have a lot of info. Thyroid disorders are very complicated with TSH, T3, T4, reverse T3, etc., and there is great controversy among doctors how to dx and tx. It's crazy. Good luck.
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Hi susan,
I agree with FaithforHealing that the thyroid forum has some very knowledgeable people so asking there is a good idea.  I have also now got hypothyroid and probably had it to some degree for a long time, so I'm in the process of studying up on it.  What I'm going to say also applies to hyperthyroid.  For people like us with hepC / tx / thyroid issues I think a complete nutritional check is essential.  You may have already done that I don't know.  I am saying it because so often with that background people become deficient, in a state of malnutrition actually, without knowing it.  Especially hepC people who expect to feel lousy and don't look further than that for an explanation.  (I am describing myself, not you).  The thyroid gland cannot work properly while there are certain nutritional deficiencies, even if thyroid hormone is given.  (like synthroid).  I am currently trying to get my nutrition up to better levels and hoping that my thyroid function will also improve.  Then I'll see.  
All the best to you,
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Hi Dointime, I know this is a rather old thread, but I would like to know about what kind of a nutrition plan is good for the thyroid. Thanks.
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Susan, I wanted to pipe up and say that I had low thyroid before treating.  It got much worse during/after my last tx.  I was feeling awful, did not understand it.  I found out my TSH was 17, way too high.
Barb on the thyroid forum is very good.  There are a couple of people always willing to help
Good luck
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Sign me up also,never had any thyroid problems before treatment,now i do i take synthroid .50 mcg. i believe...was in perfect shape before treatment..hope all is better with everyone..:)
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