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A New Day

12 years ago I was diagnosed with Hep C at the age of 25 I also lost my Father to the disease that same year.  It has been a long road of trials and treatments none of which had ever worked for me until now. 6 weeks ago I began the new Triple therapy treatment - Rib, Int and Iincivek. It has been an extremely rough few weeks as the side effects this time around for me are a lot different than the past. I was begining to beleive that it would be another disapointing outcome until yesterday. August 18th will forever be the greatest day. I celebrated my 10yr Anniversary to my beautiful wife and also found out after 4 weeks of treatment I have NO VIRAL LOAD. So today is a new day, I have hope again. I am beginnig a new journey to be rid of this killer which has efected me for so many years. To all of those thinking about or currently on this or any other therapy there is hope. Do not give up even if this does not work for you now always BELEIVE there will be something else around the corner.

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Wonderful news to hear UND at 4 weeks.  RVR is a great sign.  Best of luck with this round and hope it is your last.  
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Congratulations on both milestones and many future ones also.
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I read so many posts about positive outcomes, but this brought some happy tears to my eyes.  I could feel your joy and relief.  Maybe its the drugs I'M on.....the same as you as of 4 days ago.  I long to hear those same words in a few weeks.  This is my first time treating, have had this virus for 33 years.  Let's do this!!
Best of health to you!
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That is awesome.  I am so sorry to hear about your father, btw.  I think there is a lot more hcv out there than the 4 mil we hear about.  I was an acute patient and I know for a fact that nobody ever turned my case in to anyone.

But during the course of my treatment, medical professionals talked to me about their parents and family who had hcv a lot more often than you'd imagine.  In my small hospital alone, two of my ER nurses told me they had parents with hcv, one deceased from hcv and once SVR.  One of my ER doctors had a good friend who had cleared back in the days of interferon only tx.  This is just in one very small ER.  My doctor's office's receptionist had hcv )my gp) and she was treated (or not really treated) by the VA.  I also had health professionals in the larger hospital I stayed at talk to me about family members.
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Your post brought tears to my eyes as well.  I hope to be UND after 4 weeks as well.

My best to you,
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One thing that I do know is that your Faith and your belief has made you better.  If everyone would have your kind of Faith and understanding of believing, they will have that Peace and Joy that you have.  There is Hope!  Keep the Faith!  I certainly will!
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                   YAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't ever lose that feeling

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Such fabulous news, congratulations!  RVR is a great kick off!!
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great news!!  so happy for you.  belle
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Wonderful news to be undetected! Happy Anniversary to you and your wife (belatedly) :) anne
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