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Arthritis: Environmental Exposure to Hairspray, Lipstick, Pollution, Can Trigger Autoimmune Diseases

ScienceDaily (Jan. 27, 2010) — The links between autoimmune diseases, infections, genetics and the environment are complex and mysterious. Why are people who live near airports more susceptible to autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus? How do hormones in meat trigger the onset of a disease?

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Well there goes my Aqua Net Extra- Super Hold!
Remember the pink can girls?
Does BonnieBell lick smacker count too?  Darn!
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It is possible for you to sustain extensive amounts of damage to your mouth, your throat
and your stomach. The outcome of your brush with synthetic hair spray poisoning is seriously going to depend on how much damage was sustained. Damage is actually capable of continuing to occur in your stomach as well as your esophagus for as many as several weeks after you initially inhale or swallow the poison. This is why seeking help from a medical practitioner is so vitally important. If you do not find out just how much damage has been sustained, you may actually allow the problem to become exacerbated.

There are healthy ones out there

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Looks like LipSmackers is not too bad :


Here is a list of ingredients included in our Lip Smackers along with information on the ingredients:

Castor oil - a natural oil obtained from the seeds of Ricinus Communis. This ingredient gives emolliency and gloss to the lips.

Beeswax - a natural purified wax obtained from the honeycomb of the bee, Apis Mellifera. This ingredient gives structure and rigidity to Lip Smackers.

Cetyl Acetate - This is an ester of cetyl alcohol and acetic acid. This ingredient gives emollience and gloss to the lips. It is also a conditioner of dry, chapped lips.

Candelilla Wax - a natural wax obtained from various plant species of Euphoriaceae.

Flavor/Fragrance - These are comprised of both natural and artificial ingredients, all of which are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use in cosmetic and food products. These ingredients give Lip Smackers their characteristic flavor and aroma.

Polybutene - A polymer which is made up of a mixture of butenes. This ingredient adds gloss and wearability to the product.

Sesame Oil - A natural oil obtained from the seeds of Sesamim Indicum. This ingredient adds gloss and emolliency.

Ozokerite - A wax derived from mineral or petroleum sources. This ingredient adds rigidity and structure to the product.

Carnauba - A natural wax obtained from the leaves and leaf buds f the Brazilian Wax Palm, Coperinicia Cerefera. This ingredient adds rigidity and structure.

Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol - The acetyl ester of lanolin alcohol. This is derived from lanolin, a by-product of the wool industry. This is a very good conditioner for dry,
chapped lips.

Mineral Oil - A refined liquid obtained from petroleum. This ingredient adds emolliency to the lips.

Hydrogenated Soy Glycerides - This is the end product of a reaction using soybean oil. This ingredient adds structure and rigidity to the product. Also, it provides conditioning for dry, chapped lips.

In addition to being fun to use, Lip Smackers have an extremely effective conditioning formula. The multiple moisturizers and special emollients help to prevent and guard against dry, chapped and cracked lip conditions. They keep your lips soft, shiny and moist. But most of all, they have delicious flavors that taste and smell great.


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good points, but the worst thing in lipsticks is the red dye...bad for the liver....very bad

also triggering arthritis...I warned my stepdaughter up one side ...and down the other...

DON"T get a tatoo...but she believed nada....now she has psoriasis...it started around the site of her tatoo and spread to all her body..and this leads to crippling arthritis.

tatoos put the immune system into hyper drive, and expose thousands to hcv and aides every day.
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Good one, Rocker.  Thanks for sharing.  In my opinion, everything is in the genes.  You'll either code for something or you won't.  Once we get the rest of the human genome figured out and can all know what we will be susceptible to 'turning on', you really may make it to 110 (or was it 125 years old you were shooting for?).
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