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Good Health

I spent my life chasing many goals - some worthwhile, some not.  Today I worked on my new house all day and didn't have to stop mid day and lie down as I would have for the past 15 years.  I felt more energetic at the end of the day than I did at the start and my young friends couldn't keep up with me.  It is now very evident to me that if I can continue to feel like this - it is nothing short of a miracle to me and the amazing goal I have ever achieved.  

So many people have this as a normal part of their lives and don't even know what they have.  Those of us with health problems know what good health means!  I believe all those years of treatment were well worth it if I can hold on to the undetectable state.


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Your undectectable state is well worth the price if you can hold onto the peace of mind and happiness that comes through with your posts.
Congratulations again...
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Sounds awesome eric, you sound like I've felt since coming off the drugs. I started feeling great pretty quickly after stopping. By 12 weeks I was on top of the world. I wasn't in the best physical condition, but I still felt awesome. It sounds like you may be on to the same vibe, I really hope it sticks with you as it has for me 1 year post tx. I think it will, in the meantime enjoy the ride!
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I'm thrilled you are feeling so good, so much better, Eric. Especially in appreciating life, strength, 'normal' things most take for granted. Hoping for better and better for you each day.

See you Sat!  :)

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Eric, it's good to hear you feeling so *well*.  I find that the mental energy from successfully doing a thing feeds the physical energy and I'm sure as you continue with being able to do more than you have in *years* (what a great thing!) you will remain on top of the world.  I hope you have a wonderful and terrific summer, Eric.

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HOPE! thanks, jerry
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Man!  I hope I get to where you are!
I hope you thanked your lucky stars.
I sure will!  :-)
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Give those young guys a run for their money!  You are a champion!   Best of luck!

You have given everyone here HOPE!

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That is so well deserved! I'm so happy for you! Finally back to what normal should be like.

God bless, Marcia
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That was exacly what i needed to here right now because this tx weakness, is really
bugging me right now thx so very much.

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I think you're one of the most awesomest people - I've known --- online!

You deserve ONLY the best dude... Only the BEST!

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Top of the World to You!!!  You are there!!!  You deserve it!!!  

Wishing ya the best, friend!!

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I'm here on a ladder shining your GOLD trophy.Soon you'll be pulling up with a FreightLiner Diesel to pick it up.We'll see how strong you are then.No I think, we'll let the younger guys do it.When it comes to respect, we'll all help.No I changed my mind about the truck.You need to show off your trophy on the way home.Open truck or a ship ?Hehe.Keep feeling strong. You deserve it all.
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I am so happy for you You deserve feeling great and enjoying every moment of this new life after TX
My husband has just become UND after 12 weeks and I pray that he stays  that way

Best of everything Be blessed
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Thanks all for the wonderful posts.  I just got back from our new house having spent the day trimming trees and working on getting the pool back in shape.  We bought a forecloses house that had been vacant for two years; Florida is not kind to vacant homes!

The pool had so much algae, that I couldn't see bottom.  The trees looked like they hadn't been trimmed in 5 years.  It sure feels good to be able to work hard and enjoy that tired feeling AFTER I stop.  Now it's two aspirin and off to bed so that I am able to join the Florida lunch crowd!

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