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Most Vets are are humble and do not seek praise. Iwould like to know how many have served and when. I will start it off.

Vietnam 72-74
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"Most Vets are humble and do not seek praise."

So very true, so I will speak for my husband, who served.
USMC, Vietnam, 1968-1970, Bravo Company.
He was Gunnery Sargeant in the field; his platoon of almost 50 ended up being left with 8 men his first time out (Tet offensive '69); he spent 13 months in the bush.  The second tour he spent mostly as an MP but got in trouble for having a penchant for constantly whistle-blowing COs. :)

A belated Happy Veteran's Day to you.
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my father was most humble.  never said a word for 50 years about ww2.  i'd ask him and he'd say "i don't want to talk about it".  when saving pvt. ryan may out he just starting pouring out info.  he was an army ranger in the first wave at bloody omaha.  he had 85 men under him and at the end of day 1 he had 13.  he had contracted malaria when he was in his late teens fighting in the jungles of burma.  had 1 relapse when i was in high school.  he never was ill until 87 years old when he died of liver cancer.  we found out he had 3 silver stars and 6 purple hearts just before he passed.  never mentioned those ever.  he felt uncomfortable even showing them to us.  god bless all vets.  thank you.  belle
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sorry i rattled on.  i just wanted to tell you my story.  belle
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It's a good story, belle.  Would actually have liked to know more.  Here's to your Dad.

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When I was first in the army in the late 70's there were still plenty of Vietnam vets still on active duty. I would usually ask them how it was over there and most wanted to talk about it. They were proud of their time in-country and it sort of hurt their feelings that no one ever asked about it. Not everyone is the same, but that was my experience with them.
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I will also speak for my husband, who served.

USAF Vietnam 1971-1972 Tanker pilot.  I believe that of all his accomplishments he is most proud of his service.  A bit late for Veterans Day, but things were very busy around here for the past week or so.
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My husband was in Vietnam.
He suffers from PTSD.
He is very angry at what the military did to him, being drafted and forced to kill people. He is  anti-military and pro-peace.

It has been challenging living with him at times, but thankfully his heart is in the right place.
Peace to all,
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I remember when my brother wrote me a letter from Vietnam he was in the Army and one of the officers told him to cut his hair,,,, he said or what, you're going to fire me?
My brother was a pistol, a poet and a fine person, He suffered from PTSD and the last years of his life made amends to all the people he loved.... Vietnam really was a nightmare for him.  Please no more WAR we need our brave warriors here.  
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"I believe that of all his accomplishments he is most proud of his service."

That is what most vets will tell you, they were  proud of their military service. My best to you and hubby.
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