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In loving memory of Nicholas...

Remember the nightmare that evolved in July that culminated on July 27, 2008?
Childangel lost her beloved son when he lost his battle with hep c.
He fought the good fight, and did so with dignity and humor all the way to the end.  
He was hospitalized because his lungs were compromised and they had to change his nasal cannula to a face mask to help him breathe. When they put  the oxygen mask over his face he looked at Elaine and said  "Luke Sywalker, I am your father!"
(gotta love his sense of humor:)
Please pay tribute to Nick and his mom, this forum supported her through his illness, and  treatments, and losing him hurt us all....

PS: Hi to all the wonderful people I've met through this forum! Love you all!
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None of us will ever forget the brave fight of Nick and Elaine.  Nobody could have done more to see their child through such a horrible ordeal and the impression it made will never go away. I think it has helped a lot of us be better parents and appreciate our children even more. Even my children know who Nicholas is, they will never forget either.

There are alot more folks out here who will always carry you both in our hearts than you will ever imagine.

Love Deb
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I remember Nicholas. He was a real fighter, a loving son and good man.

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Thanks Mike, I'm hoping Elaine will get on and feel a little better remembering how much people like you helped her through the ordeal.
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Thinking of you Angel.  

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Haven't seen Elaine around for quite a while, it's kind of strange.  Her posts seem to have been expunged.  It's probably not a great day for her.
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Angel alot of us will never forget.

Love ya;
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Thank you Bug, Michael, Trin..Flguy, (I'm here sometimes) :) and....
my candoman !!
Nicholas would be honored,  I know I am .
Love you all !!!!
Hugs all around with pizza and beer (for some)
water for some and wine for some. rootbeer too !..

For all those on TX, keep going ! for all those SVR'd.....congratulations!
For all you mothers fighting the fight with their child....my heart is with you.

All of you kept Nick and I in your thoughts and/or prayers for so long.....
I Love you !!

Thank you Bug !!! thank you,  it's good to see you here again.

Huge hugs,
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Thank you Deb,
I think we all hold our children a little tighter with
this and also through life.

Thank you so much Deb
Hugs and love
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Oh my; I just now saw this post. Thanks Bug, for doing this, and to Elaine, my most sincere best wishes. Pass them to Nick too when you think of him, please?

All the best always,

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You have always been the model of grace. I'm sorry for us that we don't see you around more, but that's probably a good sign.

Take care.
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Belated condolences and also sorry that you're not around more.

Best wishes always,
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Bill, I will pass that along to my son, thank you

Goofydad, thank you Goof !

Port , thank you !

Hugs to all
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Hi Elaine-
As Goofy said, you have been the model of grace.
I am thinking of you and your son nick, it sounds like he was quite a young man and he was lucky to have you by his side.
I know you will never forget, but I hope it gets a little easier and you have peace.
We are lucky to have you in our lives,
- Dave
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Elaine, I'll always remember Nick's battle and your enduring strength and kindness.  You both will always have a place in my heart. Those were sad, terrible days, but seeing the outpouring of love and support you both inspired will be something that we can all carry with us forever.  
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How you managed to be so helpful in the face of such loss always amazed me.
Your  compassion is an inspiration.

And thanks bug for reminding us.
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Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do here. Your bravery and Nick's are something I aspire to and hope I never need. As a parent myself, I was extremely upset and truly at a loss for words two years ago. Please accept my belated condolences.
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I’m not very good at things like this but want you to know I think of you and all that you went through often.
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Dave, thank you, yes he was an exceptional young man and loved
by so many, as he is loved. Thank you Dave. I'm hoping tx will bounce
back for you and get you UND !!

Izzy, thank you for thinking of us Izzy. I wish you the very best
as your daughter begins her journey with tx.  I'll be thinking of both
of you.  Again, thank you !

OH....Thank you , OH my Taiwan friend ! :) I'm so happy you
traveled there and received your TP and I hope you health continues to strive.
Thank you OH !!

desrt, Thank you desrt, ...I understand the loss for words completely.
I thank you for your belated condolences.  Thank you !

Ricky.....I know you were pulling for Nick and I also....thank you so much.

In closing thank you all, for the PM's for the e-mails....for all the information and
support my son and I received here.

Thank you Miss Bug :)))) love you

Hugs to all in this virtual world.....one couldn't have asked for such good
friends as we have here, thank you for letting me in your world. I wish each
and every one of you the very best always.

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Sending you much love Elaine. You are a wonderful, courageous woman with a big heart.

May you always be blessed.

Hugs, Marcia
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I know that you will always cherish the time that you had with your son.  You were both such hero's in my book as he left this life.  I pray that you will be blessed (as Marcia said).   Susan400
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Marcia, thank you for thinking of us, I hope all is well with you.

Susan, Thank you !! I have to say I pray the same for you, I really do.

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Nick will never be forgotton!
Thank you Elaine for all the support you gave me during my tx time. And all the while going thru your journey with Nick.
Be blessed and know how much you are loved,
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I just now saw this post......Angel we love you and are (at least I am) always thinking of you and your Nick!!  

Always remember that he is at the Rainbow bridge, along with many, many others waiting for us there.  I am a believer in the bridge.

xoxoxo Denise
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A quiet salute here in honour of Nick, a remarkable young man ... and in honour of his mom, what a remarkable pair - mother and son.  Both - an enduring inspiration to all of us and Nick, never to be forgotten.  I have always felt that when my son came along it was like God looked down and said "this boy belongs with this mom" and laid him in my arms, my heart and my soul.  I got the same sort of impression observing the relationship between you and your Nick, Angel.  You were the best mother he could ever have hoped for.  I'm sure Nick smiles down on you often.  In both the rain and the sun on your face, I'm sure he is there.

Hugs to you, Angel.

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