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Last Injection Today !!! PTL!

My last injection today. Week 47, 48th shot, 1 week of Ribavirin pills to go. Thanks for all the info and support and advise. My results are good. The undetectables are undetectable and the non reactives are non reactive.
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What did you start with?Viral Load,and geno? Congrats to you!!!
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Geno Type 1a, viral load something like 28,000,000. Mild fibrosis, stage 2 liver damage.
Interferon Peg Alpha 2, 1200 mg Ribaviran daily. Sackful of other stuff for side effects.
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Interferon once a week.
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Yay for you, CONGRATULATIONS! That's great news. Try to enjoy your last week of ribas, because it's cold turkey after that!!  ;)
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Good for you!  You made it---whew!  I know how it feels. :D
It really is great to know you stayed the course and made it to the end.  Congratulations and I hope you feel great soon!.
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Congratulations! You must be feeling so relieved! Rooting for a gib fat SVR!!!!
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Yaaahhh for you! Just flew by aye? (sarcasm intended:)

These are my favorite post next to UND and SVR ones!

Congrats and hope to see the follow up UND's and SVR post, LL
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Woo hoo!  Congratulations on making it through =D
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yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! How you must feel is beyond words to me.
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