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Long-term Lower Back Pain Teenager

Somebody please help me figure out what's wrong with me - I am a 19 year old male and I started having lower back pain about a year ago. My symptoms are: constant dull ache in lower back, sometimes pain radiating into my testicle area and leg, pain when I bend side to side and when I bend over, and tingling in tailbone area. These symptoms vary from time to time, but the dull ache is constant. I don't know what exactly caused it, but I last remember doing the leg press at the gym about 9 months ago and feeling a painful twinge in my lower back. I also remember overarching my back while doing an abdominal wheel exercise. Additionally, I've been told I have bad posture. With all that in mind, I went to my physician as soon as I started feeling pain - I couldn't bend over, stand up too long, or sit in one place without feeling a dull pain in my lower back. It would also hurt every morning when I woke up from bed. My pediatrician said to just give it rest and maybe do PT if it gets worse. So I got constant rest for about a month with no physical activity, all the while icing it and applying various ointments. A couple months later, the pain subsided a little but it still was there, so I went for X-rays. All normal. No muscle injury or bone injury. Then I started PT. The therapist said my back was unusually tight, and my pelvis wasn't aligned, so I went for several sessions, but they didn't end up helping, so I went for an MRI. Even that revealed nothing, and all my tests came up normal. I went to an orthopedic to see if he could help, but all he said was to stretch every day and avoid heavy lifting temporarily, but the problem is this has been going on for a while now and it isn't getting any better. With options running out, I tried acupuncture about a week ago, and that made it even worse! Now my ENTIRE back is hurting, and there is pain and numbness in my arms and down to my testicles.

I know it's a lot but can someone please tell me what this is?! I am completely lost and frustrated at this inconvenient pain.
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Hi, I think you would get more help if you go to the back and neck forum.  This is the Hepatitis Forum.  You could copy your question and post it here:


Good luck, Dee
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Hi there.   Also check out the undiagnosed symptom forum.  They have some outstanding knowledgable people in that group for mystery illness or hard to diagnose patients.
Good luck
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Try the Spinal Cord Conditions/Disorders forum...
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