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My hound and an unusual flower bed

Well, just cuz

I had this crazy idea to obtain an old wrought iron bed frame and make it a feature in my backyard. It works. It's gorgeous and it has Nothing to do with Hep C

except maybe that gardening is a good way to get outside, get a tiny bit of exercise and stretching in and to zone out on pulling weeds
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although I don't know why it is flipped sideways?
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"It's gorgeous and it has Nothing to do with Hep C"...... YAY!!

It is indeed & what a great reminder... Thanks

btw, it's right side up ;-)

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Cool, but I love the dog. He's adorable :)
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Thanks, me too MZ

Her name is Loretta and she is a rescued Black and Tan Coonhound

Born in a kill shelter in Alabama, fostered in Texas, now a California girl
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Beautiful Coonhound and garden.  BTW Lived in San Francisco for 6 years and my favorite place on earth.  (France too!)
You are an amazing survivor!!!!!   For whatever reason while on Ribavirin being outside in the garden, woods, fields, meadows....they happen to be the only time I felt at peace.  Enjoy your relaxing space in your yard as this is where you will find your peace and serenity.    
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I just love the picture it looks so peaceful.  That's one lucky dog!  He's soooo cute!

Take care
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