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One month post treatment results

One month post treatment triple therapy with incivek blood test showed that I am still undetectable with alt 14 and ast 17. hgb is still low 10.8. White blood count good, MRI good. So far so good.......:)

Wishing good results for all....
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So very very happy for you, right behind you
Day late dollar short Dee
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Looking awesome :-)  - when I first did tx and relapsed my bloods started rising on the 4 week draw - second time they weren't as good as yours, but I managed SVR.   That's the scariest blood test result to get - I can feel the relief from here !!
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Wonderful news!!
I'm doing the dance tonight.
Another angel has got her wings...
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Thats great news! Time to celebrate (without the toast) yay!
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That's awsome news :)Hugs
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