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Stage 4 Cirrhosis in Tucson, AZ

I was told in August, 2006 BY TELEPHONE BY A FRIGGIN' MEDICAL ASSISTANT that I have stage 4 Cirrhosis caused by Hep C.  She told me to call her in six months for a prescription for another ultrasound to see how I am doing.  I asked her if I forgot to call, would they give me a reminder.  She said no.  A year previous to this, I tried to obtain interferon treatment while Social Security under this same doctor but got caught up in some stupid MediCal loophole caused by the interim awaiting Bush's prescription assistance to kick in.  I forget what they called it -- some protocol or another.  It was some interim program and I couldn't figure out how to navigate the maze and my doctor refused to help.  Figuring out my insurance is totally MY PROBLEM, he says.  

His name is MacInery (I think).  He really couldn't give a **** if I live or die.  He couldn't even do the decency of telling me my prognosis in an office exam to my face.  I have Secure Horizons.  I do believe it is their hope that I die without causing them too much expense -- and this doctor is in on their HMO plan -- after all, he wants to make a profit.

Even my general practitioner is a Secure Horizon zombie.  Four years ago he changed my thyroid medication prescription and hasn't blood tested me since.  Rather, my pharmacy calls him when my subscriptions expires and he issues ONE YEAR renewals!  He doesn't even know whether or not his original dosage adjustment has worked.  He doesn't care.  He doesn't want me to show up in his office.  

Every year, I call his office to ask about flu shots.  Every year, his staff tells me they are on back order and to call in October, then November, then December -- then I go to a grocery store and fork out the bucks for my flu shot.  My doctor is lying about never receiving flu shots.  He NEVER orders them!  

These people are killing me.   It is so hard to fight when you sleep most of your life away.  I am so angry.

I'll be damned if I get a telephone prescription for a very expensive ultrasound only to be told that I need another biopsy and then to be told by telephone that I am so much worse but not to bother them for another six months, at which time I should call for another prescription for another ultrasound.  I don't want anymore cold death sentences by telephone where I can't ask any questions about my future.  

No doctor to talk to.  No one to understand what is to come.  I am totally abandoned and I feel like dead man walking.   I am so depressed that I can't even fight for myself.  Part of me hopes I won't wake up tomorrow.  I watched my husband die from this disease ten years ago (10/30/06).  I just feel hopeless since medicine is not on my side.  

Please excuse my negativity.  I sleep 12 hours a day and have severe edema in my right leg and am developing similar edema in my left leg.  A couple of years ago, I saw my GP and told him I think I have diabetes (have severe hypoglyecemia (previously diagnosed in the '90s plus my dad is a diabetic and tested me and my blood sugar is higher than his!).  GP said, "You probably do" -- and then refused to discuss the problem further.  

I think I am dying and nobody is on my side.  Forgive the disjointedness of this posting, but I think you all get my drift.  Part of me wants to die and get it over with because I can't beat the HMO Medicare system but another part of my loves life.  I am 52 years old and might have been infectected as early as age 15 and as late as age 26.   This disease has been incubating for a long time.   What should I do?

Know any GOOD doctors?
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Sure sounds like you need a new Dr. and quick! There is a hepatologist in Tuscon. His name is Dr. Thomas Boyer, located at the liver research inst. 1501 N.Campbell Ave. Ph# 1-800-524-1078 I haven't seen him yet, but he comes highly recommended. Hope you can get in to see him. Let me know if you do. Good luck.
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You can beat this and live quite fine with your cirrhotic liver. I have cirhossis and you wouldn't know it to look at me. I work a demanding job, raise my son, bike and swim, and look at internet porn late at night. Maybe that's more information than you need, but the message is get your virus treated and get well.

You will view things quite differently once you are able to start taking proactive steps towards improved health. First step is a hepatologist. Often the top clinics will have a program for the under insured.  

Maybe you have a local social services group that can help you sort out the maze? Or possibly a county outreach program?

Good luck - keep posting here. There are some pretty informed people who will be happy to help.  
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i am a 3/4.......i had to find out from my insurance agent.................and i had just had an executive physical the year before.................they missed it.................completely...............i urge you to get a specialist, someone who is very familiar with this terrible virus...............that alone will help........i couldn't get treatment until i went to a university............
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