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UNDETECTED after 13 treatments!

Susan400 kept doing TX after TX, but now, after 13 times, I am undetected 3 mon post TX.  woo hoo, yippee!  The drug that cleared me was Vosevi.  
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Congrats!!! Wow you have done them all!
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Dear dear Susan, I have been off line, just seeing this great news. I am so very very happy for you! I am so thrilled, I am sure everyone who has ever been on here is so happy for you!  I just woke up so am not my normal self. I also just had a friend die of HCV. He tried to treat with interferon about 7 or 8 years ago; it made him so sick, he stopped after 6 months. Even when Harvoni came out he would not even try to treat. Bruce lost his fight Monday, I am devastated. It has been a horrible 2 years as his liver failed. My husband and I are devastated. To see your good news renews my faith. Bless you for coming back to share!!!
Dee, I am so sorry for your loss.  That's really rough to see your friend go through that.

But, YES, I am thrilled that I seem to be cured!  Woo-Hoo   red dancing shoes!
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Congratulations, Susan!
Thanks Mike!  How are you doing?
Hi, Susan. I am doing fine so far. Cured with Sovaldi/Olysio in 2016, with F4/cirrhosis. Liver function now good, stable, although platelets still low. Most recent ultrasound found fatty liver so am worried about HCC. Otherwise leading a normal life.
Hi Mike

How are your platelets? Mine were about 80 to 90 before I was cured. After cure they rose to about 110 and have been there for the last 3 years.

I’m having 6 month ultrasounds and blood tests including AFP are you doing the same or similar?

I guess all of us with cirrhosis are at risk of HCC but with cure that risk is lower than it was while we still had hep c.
Likewise, except that my platelets do get up to around 130k once in a while. Yes, being cured of the virus should decrease chances of HCC (no viral activity, less inflamation), but it's still more probable than for those who never had HCV.

I've read that liver cancer is now the greatest cause of cancer and that HCV is the major contributor to this statistic. Considering the cost of treating HCC, it makes one wonder why the health system and the gov aren't curing more people with HCV. Maybe no one is figuring HCC into the equation.
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I haven't been on in years, so it's with great pleasure that I read this post.  Best of luck to you!
Thanks, Eric.  At lot of my 'old-timer' HEP C friends had left the site by the time I finally reached my long awaited SVR.  But, I understand why and that life goes on after HCV.     It was good to hear from you.  Take care, Susan400
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So glad you got rid of the monster. I'm performing in Arizona and doing great!
Happy for us all!
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Congrats everyone!
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So glad you're doing so well. I'm doing great and performing in Phoenix and outlying towns. Let's stay in touch...

I am so happy for you, too.  I go back for a 1 year followup with labs such as MELD, fibrosis score.., just to see if my liver is showing repair and testing normally now.  This is not so much of a viral load type of lab-as I don't think that they are even doing one at 1 yr follow-up. Now, if for any reason, an abnormally showed up in the fibrosis labs, like no improvement or worsening.. of course, that would be a red flag, but I am not expecting that to happen.   On to new and better things.  I started working as a school crossing guard about 3 mon. ago.  Not a huge amount of hours, but I like it and it brings in a little bit of $$.  Take care.
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