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not a question...just a feeling

i just wanted to say that my energy level is almost back to normal.  i went surfing for the second day this week and i'm feeling great.  i'm actually still full of energy this afternoon after surfing this morning.  what a GREAT feeling !!  i hope everyone is doing well this friday the 13th!!  best wishes.  belle
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Isn't it great to go do something that would have exhausted you while on tx and still have tons of energy left when you're done?  Great to hear you're feeling so well belle.  Big smiles for you.  
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Hurray for you !
And happy Friday the 13th back at ya.
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Yeah! You are back. So so happy for you and yours :)
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I am so very happy for you.  I can not wait to get my energy back
Surfing?...wow!  That sounds so nice
My best to you
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