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tragedy in colorado

i just wanted to express my heartfelt feelings for the families who lost loved ones and also of those who were wounded.  my prayers go out to them.  it has had a trickle down effect for us.  today my family went to the movies together.  my husband always brings in his own popcorn in a back pack.  well, he was stopped at the door for inspection.  when they opened it up and saw the popcorn and bottled water they just smiled.  the manager said he could take it in and enjoy the show, but don't bring in a backpack anymore.  the times they are a changing.  belle
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we need way more gun control...its just too easy to get guns and alcohol...this stuff is such a drag
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Didn't mean to highjack you post.
I'm with you on this one.
Add me to list who are supporting Colorado.

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Really disgusting guy. As bad as the idiot who filmed his wife being attacked by Cheetahs for 3 minutes before the reserve workers rescued her.
Only one solution-just keep on running dude, no longer welcome.
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i just read your link.  you're right about the guy who fled.  he's a scumbag in the first degree!!  thanks for your input.  take care.  belle
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A painfully sad tragedy indeed.  Thank you for your post.
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Add me also belle, its plain terrible, now for this story below about this man and leaving his family is just unreal... Sorry but hes a real scumbag.

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