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Hepatitis C Test Results


My wife and I recently had a physical for life insurance. My wife found out that her Hep C test came back indeterminate and mine came back negative. We have been together and married for ten years. She recently had a test at her clinic and the test results were reactive. She hasent met with her doctor yet to discuss this. She is extremely low risk, but she did have a surgey in 1999 to repair an ACL injury. We have 9 month old son that we are very concerned about the possibilty that he has it. He was breast fed. What's your thoughts on the two test? Is there a chance of a false positive or is it more likely that she has Hep C. What about our son? At this time I don't know what kind of test was done at the clinic or at the life insurance exam.

Thanks for your help.
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Thank you doctor for taking part in the MedHelp forum ..

History @ Baseline - Tx naive :
M-54 yrs, G1a , Cauc. , VL- 4.93 x 10^6 ... F3 with Fibroscan 10.3 kPa -
USG shows spleen a bit enlarged - 14cm , portal vein 1.4 cm.

Status - 8 Wks. post EOT ---- Tx P/R 60 Wks... 95% compliant -
Und between Tx Wk 8 - Wk.12 - cEVR with PCR sensitivity - LOQ <43 - LLOD <10-15IU/ml ,

Und @ Wk 12 , 24 ,36, 48 , did not have a 60 Wk EOT PCR .. all PCR's same lab .. no need for rescue drugs during Tx .. Tx pay out of pocket , will wait until EOT Wk 12 for my next PCR ...

Questions :

Do you have suggestions to help boost recovery to the immune system after P/R Tx ?

Do you at Fortis treat western style medicine only or do you use a mixture of western & eastern philosophies ?

Feedback on the use of herbs like Curcuma xanthorrhiza (Java Tumeric) and Naringin (grapefruit) and/or any supplements after EOT ?

How does VL correlate to risk of transmission re: your last post ? "Further, the risk of transmission depends on the viral load"

Thank you in advance for taking your time to answer my questions and again for your contributions at MH .

Regards, Aaron
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I meant my HCV AB results were 0.2 is this a normal result and what does it mean thanks a lot!
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I recently had HCV testing my HCV AB results were HCV AB 0.02 are these results negative and what do they mean iin lay mans term
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Dear Mike2845,

Thanks for posting your query.

The routine tests that are done at such places evaluate the levels of Anti-HCV antibodies (i.e. Antibody to Hepatitis C). The tests that are used presently are the third generation tests and are very sensitive and specific.

To rule out the possibility of false positives, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) currently recommends that a positive antibody test be confirmed with a second test ( a recombinant immunoblot assay or a polymerase chain reaction)

However, if you have any doubt, you could go for HCV RNA (Hepatitis C virus- Ribonucleic acid levels) testing. HCV is usually spread by contaminated blood and blood products.
It rarely spreads to the spouse in a steady monogamous relationship unless there were any associated genital infections.

Similarly, the possibility that it was transmitted to your child through breastfeeding is extremely low.
Further, the risk of transmission depends on the viral load and hence it is a good idea to get the HCV RNA quantitative testing done.

Meanwhile, I would suggest that your wife should see a general physician so that she can be evaluated for evidence of liver inflammation and treatment can be started, if required.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Thank you for using MedHelp's "Ask an Expert" Service, where we feature some of world's renowned medical experts in their fields. Millions have benefitted from our service to get personalized advice for them and for their loved ones.

Best Regards,
Dr. Poorna Chandra K.S
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