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Welcome to the Hyperemesis Gravidarum group!! My name is Clysta, and I'm the creator of this group. I started this group as an effort to help others with this condition and to let them know they're not alone. Here is some history on me and my past.

I got pregnant in December 2009. Around 5 weeks I started to feel extremely ill in the mornings and at night, but was assured it was normal and would start to go away around 12 weeks. As the weeks progressed it continued to worsen and I wasn't holding anything down. Numerous times I went to the ER and was re-hydrated and sent home. I had no support. My family said if I ate it would get better, and that I was being a baby and needed to get over it. Finally at 14 weeks I was diagnosed with HG and was started on anti-nausea medicines. At this point I had been eating once a day, or once every other day and was extremely weak. With the medicine I was able to eat 2-3 times a day, but it had to be certain foods and often I was still vomiting things up. The nausea never went away. My midwife told me that weeks 15-17 were the worst, and that by 20 weeks it should be gone. Looking forward to this I managed to get through the next few weeks, but that magical time came and went and I was still sick. I found out that in some cases women continue to have this until the day they delivered. At this point I just wanted to curl up and die someplace. Every day was a struggle and I had to keep reminding myself that it was worth it in the end. As I got further into pregnancy it became more and more uncomfortable, and I was back to eating once a day or so. I had lost a decent amount of weight during my pregnancy, and had managed to gain back some of what I lost. Finally at 39 weeks I went into labour and after over 24 hours of active labour and 1.5 hours of pushing my baby girl was born. After she was born, I still had no appetite but was told that once my hormones settled things would get better. By my 6 week PP check up things weren't any better and I was still losing weight. Fast forward to now. I'm currently 7 months PP, and still struggling to recover from pregnancy. I have also been diagnosed with GERD, Gastritis, and suspected IBS. I still suffer from nightmares, and deep in the back of my mind have a strong fear of food. I never realized that it could do so much to your mind, and despise that I was never told of this. (Nor do many believe me when I say it) Pregnancy is supposed to be a wonderful thing, but I feel robbed of something. I never got to enjoy it, and am now scared to get pregnant again for fear of the same thing.

Feel free to introduce yourself and vent your worries, concerns or frustrations.
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I went through "HG" in 2003.  My son is a happy healthy 8 yr old now. (my one and only child). I still don't talk about the experience much, when I do talk about it I relive the nightmare again.  
Sorry you had to experience this also.  
I would be happy to talk to anyone that is going through this terrible experience. So don't hesitate to ask questions or I can just listen.

Heather from Indiana
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I'm very sorry you too had to go through that. It's a nightmare, and one I wouldn't wish on anyone.
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