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Health Videos

We'll soon be launching a new addition to site, health videos. In addition to our Medical Dictionary and Drugs information, you'll soon be able to learn more about general health and wellness or a specific health condition by watching a video. Please leave us a comment if you'd like to be notified of when this feature is available.

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Yes, please let me know .. this sounds great!

Co-CL Thyroid
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Yes, I would like to know too!
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Finally,  visual information definitely will put me on the list.  The whole public needs to be informed regardless if they are symptomatic or symptom free.  

Thats a big Y*E*S!
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Health Videos are now available. There are a number of ways to view the videos. You can see a list of most recent videos in communities. You can also see videos in searc.

Don't forget to comment on the video if you like it (or hate it) and email it to your friends who might find the information useful.

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