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INR Blood thinners

Its been 3 years since you said  the INR tracker was being worked on .. HAs it been made avaiable yet ?
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Hi there -

Is this something you track daily, or is it periodic?  I'm wondering if you can track it as a lab value in your PHR, or if its something more detailed than that.  I'm sorry it's been so long, and I am not sure how involved you'd need this to be.


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Just today (4/3/11) I suggested an INR/coumadin dosage tracker.  I had no idea this had already been suggested and hasn't happened in 3 years!
I am very hard to regulate on coumadin. I'm tested twice a week. Right now I'm on 10mg Mon - Fri, and 7.5mg on Sat/Sun.  I've had a DVT and 2 pulmonary embolisms so this is so important to me. This is one of the primary reasons I came to this site!
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