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Spell check

I soggest to add the following two features in MH.

1 spell -chek
2 Font size.
This wil help old people to type and read cofortably. and correctly.
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Thanks for the inrormation.
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Thanks for the suggestions. We responded to your suggestions in a separate post in which you had suggested the same two items. We've copied our response below:

We've had many requests for a spell check, but we have not provided one as many browsers already provide that feature. Both Firefox and Chrome offer spell check automatically. If you're worried about spelling, you may want to use one of these browsers instead as it will spell check for you no matter what site you visit.

Many of our pages, especially forum pages, already have the ability to increase the font size. Just look for the A A A in varying sizes to increase the font size. If you're looking at a page that does not have this feature, please let us know and we'll look into getting it added.

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