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Why not have a medication tracker.. so people can track if they take their medication right and how effective medication is.
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Ooooh, I would love a medication tracker! I know I can add my medication in the mood tracker, but it doesn't allow for things like dosages. I would love to be able to add dosages, so I can compare the types/quantity of meds I have been in with my mood (or other folks might like to compare it with other stuff, in my case it's my mood).
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Each of the trackers have medications associated with it and you can indicate whether or not you took the medication on a daily basis. You can track dosages in your journals. We'll soon be adding a feature that allows you to note a dosage or medication change but unless your dosages change frequently, the journal is a great place to store that information.

Alleyie - What medications are you trying to track? What medical condition is it associated with?

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