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health pages & top addiction answerers

the health pages disappeared from the substance abuse forum a few months ago. are they ever going to
be available again?

is there a reason the top addiction answerer on the side bar of the substance abuse forum are not rotating
any longer? is this going to be resolved?

thank you,Debbie

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Hi there,

The Health pages are down temporarily, so sorry about this!

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I'd like to second atthebeach's question re: the top addiction answers & why they're not rotating. Thanks! :)
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Thanks Annie. Yes only the question about the health pages were answered. Which was the same answer I got a month ago, " they are temporarily down".

What about "top addiction answerers not rotating"??
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Hi there -

These are rotated each month. Do you know the last time they rotated?


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Not only have the top addiction answerers not been rotating for over a month.....the question about what happened to our Health Pages has been "dodged" and avoided for OVER 2 months.

Saying they are temporarily unavailable....tells us nothing...it is patronizing and void of any information.

I used those Health Pages like a Bible when I first got clean...I have found a way to "get to some of them".....but only because the Re-posted Thomas Recipe and the Amino Acid Protocol are CRITICAL INFORMATION to new people in detox.

I even sent a private email to MH asking about the Health Pages and the REASON for their disappearance??  The question is NOT being answered and many people are not benefiting from such a valuable source.

It's time to explain WHY they were removed...and WHAT is being done~
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Hi there -

First, let me clear something up. The health pages are still viewable, but the widget is down. If you do a site search for Addiction, Health Pages are part of that search result - http://www.medhelp.org/search?utf8=%26%23x2713%3B&query=addiction&camp=top_nav_search

We never mean to be patronizing. Sometimes we don't know. We didn't plan for the widget to come down, and sometimes things take longer to fix than planned. I'm sorry you are so angry, but if you ever have any questions, please just send me a PM instead of yelling at us. I am happy to assist, as are any of the moderation team.

I have let the engineers know about the top answerers not rotating.


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Emily.....let me share here....give you some more insight from this end, ok?

In June, I contacted MH thru a private message asking where the Health Pages went.  I was told this:   "they are temporarily unavailable".

In July, Atthebeach (Debbie) posted in this forum making the very same inquiry I had made via private message...this is the link and what she was told:


Then another month later...this particular thread was started once again by Debbie....and she was told on Aug 14th (see above) "they are temporarily down".

Not one time did anyone bother to inform us in all these communications that we could still "get to" these valuable pages and that it was a "widget" technical problem.  We just needed some assistance.

We have SO MANY new people cycle thru that are asking for help and we had no earthly idea HOW to get them to the Health Page Articles that have always been so beneficial.  We were at a loss....we just needed more information....which you have now given us.  For over 3 months we have been trying to get an answer....the one that you just gave us.
I appreciate it, Emily.  I REALLY DO.  I apologize for my frustration bleeding out......and now I can book mark the link you just referenced above and pass it along.  I had tried using the "search box" to get to the Health Pages I was looking for....and was unsuccessful.  Obviously I was doing something wrong.

Please note...I wasn't yelling at you.....YOU went the "extra mile" and actually answered the question.  You took the time to find out that it was a widget problem and communicated to us that we could still access these valuable pages.

Thank you for sharing the widget problem....now we feel informed and can look forward to their return~
My best,
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Thank you Connie for following up with this.
Thank you Emily for providing a solid answer.
I appreciate you both.
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Connie & Debbie -

I will be sure to pass on the thanks to Emily right away. We're all very glad that you now have a better answer and solution to continue to help other users and thank you for all that help you do provide :)

Have a fantastic day!
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First...a PRAISE.......thank you for getting the top addiction answerers rotating again....that particular glitch has been fixed and it was fixed quickly after this thread inquired as to the problem.

Second....it's yet another month since this thread was started and we still don't have a widget for our Health Pages on the Addiction: Substance Abuse Forum.

As shared previously, I contacted MH in June via private email.  Atthebeach/Debbie asked in July.
We had interaction on this particular thread in August.  It is now a month later and we still have no widget for the Health Pages?  I realize patience is required for any technical problem....but 4 months and still no solution?

There are SO MANY suffering addicts that pass thru that forum in a just a 30 day period and probably HUNDREDS more that just read and don't post. Those Health Pages are such great and critical tools to helping others, especially new folks.

Can someone please try to get a definitive answer for us about our Health Pages?  Thank you in advance~
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Hi there -

I'm happy to hear the Top Answerers are working for you.

I sincerely wish I had an answer for you on the Health Pages widget, and hope you understand that it isn't just Addiction, but it's all health page widgets.


The link will take you to your health pages. There are 59. You can bookmark that, or bookmark individual ones - or both. :)

Please feel free to PM me at any time and let me know what's happening. If what I suggest doesn't work, let me know. I am more than happy to help.


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