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Trying to conceive our # 1 for 4 years?

I'm sorry if my English is not so good but I'll try my best.
I'm 33 years old and my husband is 37 years old, we are together since 2004 and got married in February 2006. We are trying to conceive since we are together but it never happened, since I have regular periods in 27 days and we didn't use any protection at all. My ObGyn whom I visit from 2004 all the time is positive and telling me that I'm healthy women no need to worry for anything? I have never been pregnant! He just suggested to do HSG check and semen analyze, and we did that in November 2008, my tubes are clean and open thanks to God, but my husbands semen analyze after 4 days of abstain from ejaculation was:
Dg. Astenoteratozoospermia
volume (>2,0, ml): 2,0
pH (7,2-8,0): 7,5
normal (>30%): 12
abnormal : 88
without right heads: 40
without right neck and body: 22
without right tail: 18
Progressively mobile:
- fast (>25%): 6
-slow: 25
Mobile in one place: 13
not mobile:  56
colored not alive (60%): 47
Sperm concentration (>20 x 10/6 /ml): 64.00
Number of spermatozoon (>40 x 10/6 /ejaculate) 128.00    
Can you please say anything about this, how can we make it better,  exp:  food, vitamins, medications ...? Thank you very much.
My Dr. on this told us to not worry again since there is enough semen to fertilize 1 egg,  and since the chances of getting pregnant are high after HSG he told us to have intercourse, this is 4th month of trying naturally but the third since I ovulated in 3 months, one month was non ovulatory. Today I'm 8 DPO today, I will know in 5 days is something going to happen. I'm taking everyday this medicine: 1x1 Vitamin E, 1x1 (0,4) Folic acid and 1000mlg Vitamin C more than 6 months. I would like to ask you do you suggest to me to do hormone test? If yes, can you tell me which hormone and when?
Thank you very much for your opinion, suggestions and your replay. God bless U all.
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Regarding your husband's semen analysis. To make a diagnosis you need at least two semen analysis 70 days apart to make a diagnosis.  One semen analysis is not enough. I also suggest that he have a special kind of semen analysis called a strict morphology or kruger morphology done by a special lab person called an andrologist.  This is more accurate then a regular semen analysis.  I agree that your husband can take antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, E, Selenium and Zinc.  In the case of asthnenospermia ie poor motility he may also be help with taking L-carnitine. This all available in a formulation called FertilityBlend for Men:  website: www.fertilityblend.com
In addition, I think that he should see a urologist to see if he has any anatomic reason for the asthenoteratospermia like a large varicocele.  
I also suggest that he have hormones checked like FSH, LH, Testosterone, TSH and Prolactin.
You should have a test of your hormones too like a cycle day 2 or 3 FSH, LH, Estradiol, Prolactin and TSH.  This would determine your ovarian reserve to see if they are too old and therefore have difficulty in getting pregnant.
I suggest seeing an Infertility specialist called a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist.
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Thank you very very much for your time to replay to me and to give us some answers and directions for our trip forward. I'm thankful from my heart. We will follow your suggestions and of course will consult our ObGyn. I will write you back again when we will be blessed by God with baby angel, for sure.

God Bless you and take good care of you.

Thank you again...

Best regards,

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