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Help for some IC patients

Several years ago I had all of the miserable symptoms of IC and was prescribed Elmiron by my gynecologist. I got a second opinion by my urologist who thought it might not  be IC (which is difficult to "see", but an inflammation of the bladder lining. He gave me Vagifem for immediate comfort and sent me to physical therapy for pelvic floor and core strengthening exercises. I quit the Vagifem within two weeks and continued the exercises and the following diet.

On my own, I began to adhere to a completely anti-inflammatory diet (Elmiron has a guideline), and a strict diet of no preservatives, additives, nothing processed...(difficult but possible).

And, this was helpful --  I ordered loose "marshmallow root" from Starwest Botanicals and put 2 Tablespoons dry marshmallow root in a  jar  with 2 1/2 cups of cold water. Put in refrigerator for 24 hours (drink before 48 hours) and drink a cup in the morning and a cup at night. (Boiling this tea destroys its abilities). You will note how slimy the liquid is. It seems to have properties that coat the bladder lining.

Within a month of this "strict" regime, I was feeling better. It has been four years, and I limit my inflammatory food intake, but I can eat and drink everything again. I wish for your healing.
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Isn't marshmallow root wonderful!  My hub who has severe IC with Hunners and the whole bit, drinks it almost daily.  Hot with honey, sometimes a cinnamon stick thrown in, iced, or a slushee.  Great stuff, we too buy it in bulk from San Francisco herb co. and others,  but will look at your site too and check the price.  Yes, the diet is soooo important, and it amazes me that some people can tolerate things that others cannot.  We switched from cow's milk to almond milk, and see a difference, he was drinking a gallon of 1 /1/2% every day, tons of calories, but the 30 cal almond milk is making a huge bonus, he's lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks.  Make him carob and honey smoothies with vanilla almond milk.  He loves more than he loves me LOL.  Also went on gluten free diet and only eat red meat 1-2 times a month.  Live on lots of allowable fruits and veges, brown rice, sweet potatoes, natural turkey, lamb, duck breast.  We have chickens and ducks, but supposedly chick eggs are acidic where duck are not?  Have you heard that?  Saw it on the net somewhere.  Constantly experimenting with diet and always give a change 2 months and keep a journal.  But the 30 pound weight loss was huge for us, he was packing it on for feeling so lousy and in pain, spending nights on the toitey because every time he stood up, he got "that feeling", what a horrible disease this is.  Anyway, sorry long winded, we are excited about these dietary things and hope to come up with something through experimentation that will make him, at least, a little better, and maybe help others.  This diet is very possible, and once you get used to it, the other crap we used to eat makes us nauseous just looking at it.  Please keep posting as you go through your journey.
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