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living with IC

My daughter has over active bladder/IC. We have differing opinions on this from several doctors. My question is not how to cure it, I have gotten the idea that there is no cure. My question is how can a 24 year old young lady live with this? What kind of live can she expect? How can she hope to hold a job, have a boy friend and a family?

She cannot sleep through the night and as many of you have stated, she uses the bathroom a lot during the day.  No pain just huge pressure.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm 37 and have the same thing. It's horrible. Not pain, just so uncomfortable. Constantly. Just getting to work and back is hard, I'm on the subway for an hour. I cry constantly and don't know what to do. My thoughts and prayers to your daughter. Has she looked at the IC diet? I'm trying but I don't know that it's helping...
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I am a 24 year old female as well and they believe this is now what I have as well.
Life isn't easy right now the pain that I am experiencing is unbearable I don't even see a urologist until February :(
My life has been turned upside down, my job, family, friends, my long term relationship. It seems like everything is falling apart and it feels like knowone is doing anything to help me :(
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