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hey everyone

I'm such an airhead....I forgot to login in to the site..at first I was trying to post comments and I couldn't I was getting all worried like I got deleted from the group :((( but no just a space cadet and didn't log in lol

I miss you girls and it's so great that everyone is happy and healthy and the majority of our babies had their bday...I can't believe how fast it's going....we still need to do that reunion with all of us !!!  3rd woot woot on your winnings of 1400 that's awesome and Emma is your back feeling better ?

So like I started to make Kendrick his meals and he was loving them now like out of the blue he stopped and I had to go back to Gerber foods bc that is all that he will eat but im reading like such bad reviews on Gerber so I'm all paranoid ugh mommy struggles...I need words of wisdom ladies
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Don't worry about Kendrick's eating habits, my daughter was the same, would only eat out of a can! As she got older she soon just started eating our table food. Bailey still eats an early dinner of bought baby food around 4.30pm, then eats some more of out dinner with us about 6pm. Glad to see you're still around and haven't left us lol. Bailey is walking now, so he is into everything and certainly keeping me on my toes! Do you guys get that kids tv show over there called In The night Garden? Bailey absolutely loves it.
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Hi kat!! Glad you are doing well!! I wouldn't worry too much about the baby food thing. I had every intention of making my own baby old as well. I did make quite a bit of it but there were times I just had to feed her from the jar. Maybe you could try earths best or another organic line?
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