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Are you dilating yet?!

I had my weekly check up yesterday and I am 50% thinned and already dilated to one centimeter! I know it's not much and I could hang out here for another week or two, but it's so exciting to get some progress. Plus, it explains the intense pressure I've been feeling down there. Not too much longer before Ava makes her grand entrance! :)
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good luck and can't wait to hear the news of her arrival
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Thats is great!..can you believe it? she will be here any minute

I have small contractions (nothing big) but the u/s show the baby with the head down already so I will say may 1st or so....

Keep us inform...good bless you
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And I lost my mucas plug this morning! DH is kinda freaking out and made me call the dr to make sure it was ok....of course it's ok! Still have some time to go, but she is making progress and my body is doing what it's supposed to do. :)
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Wow! You are progressing!  I am at 2 cm and 75% thinned, but that's it.  It stopped there and has been that way for 2 weeks.  

The last time I lost my mucus plug I had the baby within 6 hours.  Good Luck and hope everything works out great!
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mucas plug?..what is that?..how do you loose it? i have not idea. i will google it but i rather hear from you girls
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April -
A mucas plug is like a big ball of snot that is between your baby (or rather the bag of waters) and your cervix. Some women lose their mucas plug before labor begins and some women do not. My mom only lost hers with 3 out of 5 children. It's not harmful and the mucas plug can grow back. Losing your mucas plug is usually a sign that your cervix is opening and your body is progressing towards labor. The purpose of a mucas plug is to prevent things (bacteria and what nots) from entering past your cervix and it ultimately protects the baby.

Growing - congrats on your progress too! How exciting! When is your due date again??
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Hi, tx for the info.  i dont think that happened to me ..(yet?)...lol
i read some stuff about it ...

I just reached today 38 weeks...yeah! i can not wait
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At my 35 + 3 appt (4/22) I was 1 cm dilated (not sure how effaced).  At my last appt 36 + 3 (4/29) I was 2 cm and 70% effaced (which seemed to surprise my doc).  I was 4 cm dilated with my DD for almost 2 weeks before I gave birth (at 38 weeks exactly), so I know dilating doesn't necessarily always mean labor is eminent...here is hoping though!
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jillian! you are ahead of me!!!! At my last appointment (this past Thursday), I was still at 1cm and 50% effaced. I need some progress! Not only am I becoming anxious, but the pressure and braxton hicks contractions are getting the best of me. I feel like I have been laboring for weeks and it's exhausting.....but she will come in due time I'm sure.

Congrats to those progressing or those that already are snuggling their new babies! :)
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Last week at my 36 week check up I was 80% effaced and a tight 2 cm dilated.  I can't wait to be checked tomorrow at 37.  My MIL wanted to come to the appointment, we will see if the sphincter law enacts itself and I am back to no dilation.  I have been losing my mucus plug today so I am hopeful I am further along and she is ready to come early.
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Ugh, I went to my latest check up on Wednesday at 39 weeks. Still 50% and 1cm. No progress. My doctor isn't sure if she just needs another week to brew or if it's my body telling me that I can't push her out because she is too big. So, the plan is to go in on Wednesday for cervadil (thin the cervix) and Thursday I will be started on pitocin at 6am. At 7am the doctor will come and break my water. So, at this point we are expecting Ava to be born on May 12th!

I am excited, but SOOOOO nervous. I wish she would arrive on her own....
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I went yesterday (at 38 weeks exactly) and was only 1 cm dilated and 10% effaced.  But, I bled HORRIBLY after they checked me (pooled under me on the exam table and bled till late evening then spotted all night; finally stopped this morning -- I apparently have a very sensitive cervix)...so I am not letting them do any more checks until I am at the hospital in LABOR!  It is not like it really matters how far you are anyway.  This is baby #3 for me...so I am in no hurry to get him out of there :)  Best wishes to all those due this month!
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39 weeks here  and i still waiting ...no contractions yet

I can not wait!

Good luck to everyone due in MAY!
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At my most recent appt (5/5) I was 37 wk 2 days and dr said I am a "tight" 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced...the night before I woke up with some pretty strong and regular contractions, but after about 2 hrs and a warm bath they diminished and slowed down.  I am still hoping baby will come in the next week :)
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