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severe headaches with black outs and memory problems with twitching

headaches and twitching
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Hi and welcome.  Well, that sounds pretty terrible and serious.  How often does this happen?  What precedes it if you can recall?  Any triggers?  A little more information would help us with answering!
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Thank you very much for having me
I've been in a motor vehicle accident and I sustained neck and head injuries witch the doctor did nothing gave me an neck brace and pain killers, a year later the headaches started then the black outs
The accident happened July 2015 and is getting worse, today twice I have been woke up then having twitching an can't even hold a glass of water, I've got double vision and blurry
Good day it will just happen while I am sitting and sometimes while walking ill just get dizzy and will collapse when I get back from what ever happened I've got double vision and a terrible headache with my mouth being very dry
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Hello Wynie7007, we were wondering how you are doing with your symptoms and if you have seen a doctor. Perhaps this information will help with some ideas.  https://www.webmd.com/brain/nerve-pain-and-nerve-damage-symptoms-and-causes#1.  Nerve damage could be behind your symptoms and would make sense after your accident.  Let us know how things are going.
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Thank you very much, since then I had neck and shoulder surgery with a whole lot of injections to my neck and shoulder but still suffering from severe headaches, the day of the accident there were only one disc fracture and now degenerated to 4 bad disc's I'm not able to work anymore so there is no way of doing something to further damaging anything more, is this normal for the degeneration of the disc's that escalated to 4
In Desember the doctor a prosedure that involves burning of the nerves and the process did not do anything to help with the headaches at all, when I told him last month on my visit to him he bluntly told me that it was impossible that it didn't work it seems like he did not believe me and now at the moment I don't know what to do anymore must I just leave it be and live like this or should i go to another doctor
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