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Chronic Migraines and Headaches

Long history incoming:

I started getting mild headaches when I was 19. Nothing too imposing, just constantly there. Fast forward seven years and now I have migraines as well. At the peak, I was getting them 4-6 days a week. Fast forward another five years; I'm 32 and the migraines have gone down in frequency (but how, I don't know) and the headaches are still daily. I have experienced a long list of different symptoms, but I don't know how or if they are connected.  This includes:
- Nosebleeds
- Shortness of breath
- Low appetite
- Joint pain
- Brachioradial pruritus
- Dizziness, lightheadedness
- Bleeding gums when brushing
- Phantosmia
- Constant ear tickle
- Confusion, forgetfulness

I moved to Denmark 11 years ago, where all my doctor visits have taken place. I've compiled (and translated) a list of things I've tried:

- Brain MRI (2018)
    - small WML's, front left side. Narrow center ventricle system. No infarctions, micro bleedings, or structural anomalies.
- ENT doc (2018)
    - prescribed a nasal spray as she thought my sinuses looked a little raw
- CT of sinuses, without contrast (2018)
    - normal air-containing sinuses. No anatomical deviation to OMC. No skeletal changes or other pathology
- Jaw specialist (2018)
    - soreness in masseter and temporal muscles. Pop in jaw joint right side.
    - prescribed a mouth guard to keep me from closing my mouth fully (because I clench when I sleep)
- Four rounds of physiotherapy (2018) learned some stretches, got some equipment
- Many blood tests over the years. Some showing elevated white blood cells and vitamin deficiencies. All normalized eventually.
- Chiropractic adjustments
- X-ray of spine (2022)
    - straightened cervical spine. Slight left deviation from center in thoracic and cervical spine. 4mm forward tilt in pelvis. Slightly bent coccyx.

The x-rays have at least helped in identifying a likely cause for most of the headaches, though no care options have been suggested. I have a traction pillow that I lie on for 10 minutes, 3 times a day.  

After nine years in Denmark a doctor finally prescribed me some triptans; SO HELPFUL (when taken at the right time)

I've been taking paracetamol/acetaminophen and ibuprofen throughout the years. Only helps some types of headaches, some of the times.

I started seeing a neurologist who has me on an ARB and dexibuprofen as preventative care. It's not super helpful and the side effects are unpleasant. I had been on this ARB for two months before stopping, as it lowered my blood pressure to 87/43 with a resting pulse of 90. Neurologist put me back on after one month.

I have been hospitalized twice now, once for nerve pain between my shoulder blades, once for severe vertigo or something related. I can't be sure.

Now I am wondering if I should see a physical therapist for traction or if surgery is a viable option.

Any ideas?
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