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hemicranial continua - can someone comment on my brain mri?

i have suffered headaches after a road traffic accident in 2014. i lost consciousness. my brain mri was done a year later and suspected dilation of the internal carotid artery. CT angiogram was done and reported no aneurysm. I had a second opinion report that asked to exclude lacunar stroke and suggested MRA scan and MRI scans with contrast. I saw a neurosurgeon who identified the mrs finding as a porencephalic cyst probably due to trauma. i then received a report from a neurologist who said it was a virchow robin space. the size of the lesion is 1.2 x 1.3 cm which is large for a virchow robin space. it is situated near the basal ganglia on the right side. my headaches are present all of the time and when they exacerbate they are awful and i get photophobia, nausea. my diagnosis is hemicranial continua. to date nothing has worked to help them. any ideas? is there an option to share images on this forum?
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Whoa, this is terrible.  I am really sorry to hear of your pain!  I have been a long time migraine sufferer and I get the full blown nausea and vomiting, need a dark room, absolute silence.  Basically I need to go to sleep when it happens.  Mine though are triggered and I know the triggers now.  So, I avoid that.  Believe it or not, stress can ramp me up to being prone to the migraine though so I often feel one brewing.  So, what can they do for the cyst?  So, is your cyst fluid filled?  Is there a treatment plan for the cyst?  Could it be aspirated? I've just now tried to read what I could about it.  It doesn't seem all that common.  

What is actually causing the headaches, do they know?  The pressure it is putting on the surrounding area?
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Hi, thanks for your comment and understanding- they say the Virchow robin space is a normal finding although a dilated space would be 2mm! Reading literature suggests there’s a link with headaches, memory problems mood and dementias in later life. The plan is for different medications. I have already trialled Gammacore nerve stimulation and multiple cranial nerve blocks with no resolution. I could do with another opinion on my mri scan. Is there an option to upload scan pictures to this site?
I think it would be better to take your scans to a neurologist at this point.  You can upload pics to your profile page and say so here though.  So, space is larger after the fall and now you have a cyst there due to the trauma?  What do you do for the headache now?  They are trying to get them from happening but does anything put you out of your misery when you have the debilitating headache?  Or is the headache constant?  Do you have a supportive family?
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