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weird swooshing noise in my head?

Okay so i know this is kind of strange, < these all must start this way>
So before, after and during a migraine i hear a noise that kind of sounds the inside of a seashell ,,, or a the sound of the water running not dripping. Very similar to the noise you hear if you were to put your fingers in your ears?
Not sure if this makes sense :P
Just want to see if this sounds dangerous or anything, it doesn't cause me pain , although my head is sensitive because of the headache.
Thank you so much
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It is not unusual for the symptoms you describe to occur in association with migraine headaches. You havent mentioned the medicines you take for the migraine headaches. The migraine headaches usually respond to OTC painkillers. Try to avoid stress precipitating factors like light/ music/etc. Also try to get adequate sleep and abstain from smoking and alcohol. Get an ENT and eye evaluation done to rule out any vision abnormality or ear infection that may cause or increase the headaches. Try some light exercises. Also discuss this with your physician when you go for your regular check up.
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As long as the pain isn't bad, your probably OK, but I have this swooshing sound too.  It is like water/blood/CSF squirting in my head.  I have a serious headache problem.  Look at a post from me a couple weeks ago.  I got an answer from a very knowledgable blogger that I bet is a doctor.
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Just one more thing.  I think it is pretty unusual to hear water running in your head with a Migraine - no liturature on it.  You may want to look up BRUIT.
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most probably what you are experiencing is auditory aura symtoms that precede migraine attack. If it persists or gets worse you can consult a neurologist about it.
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Go to Chiarione.org and just check to see if any of it sounds familiar.  I do have to say they have listed so many symptoms it could include a lot of us.  Lets be clear - the sound of liquid squirting is not normally associated with migraine and it is a variable for a  few people with unexplainable daily headache.  Tinnitus - ringging in ears is very common with Migraine.  If you end up with a Neurologist and an MRI please write back and let us know the outcome.  Not violate your HIPAA privacy rights but I would love to learn more so we can help more.  THX and good luck
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I have experienced basically the exact same symptoms that you have, Moe23.  But for some reason the swooshing sounds only come up in my head when I am about to go to sleep and am usually in complete silence.  I have been taking Topamax for about 6 months now and was wondering if that could possibly be causing the noise?
I didn't know that was a migraine symptom. I have had that swishing noise, sometimes like crickets for days on end. Eye sensitivity and pain. Just had my vision checked. Need reading glasses, that is all. My doctor gave me Topamax and it made me sick to my stomach but for the first time in years the noise went away for 3 days. Now it is back, but I hesitate to use the drug until I am off work as it makes me nauseous.
I did not know that was a migraine symptom. I have had that swishing noise, sometimes like crickets for days on end. Eye sensitivity and pain. Just had my vision checked. Need reading glasses, that is all. My doctor gave me Topamax and it made me sick to my stomach but for the first time in years the noise went away for 3 days. Now it is back, but I hesitate to use the drug until I am off work as it makes me nauseous.
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I've been experiencing the same swooshing noises in my head for the past 9 months, along with the migrane headaches. If Excedrine was one of the drugs that you couldn't buy constantly, i wouldn't know what to do. I eat those like candy. I also see the dark and light spots daily. The swooshing noises mostly be at the base of my neck and sometimes in the mid-back of my head. It's wierd I must admit, but who don't know a migrane from a headache. I personally don't think it's normal. I'm working my answer....
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Hi JMD.Have you seen a neurologist yet? I think the time has come to pay one a vist.
Your list of symptoms suggests this is more than a migriane. I have IIH or PTC as it is know in the US . You might want to look it up and see if your symptoms are the same.

Have you been seen by a Opthtalmologist?
You really should if you are experiencing vision problems.
Drop me a line if I can help in any way. Regards, Cath278.
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i am 57 and i have had migraines since i was ten, my vision slowly blurrs for about a half an hour it gets intense, heat wave zig zag like blur it slowly clears and the pain starts.............about when i was 30 i stopped getting the pain i get all the other, the blurred vision and a couple of days of , i call it in the fog and a regular headache to this day i still get that part of it.  about a year ago i started getting the swooshing sound in my head it soundl like an air leak at first i would just hear it at night when i laid down now it never goes away and it has gotten allot louder when i have a head ache, which is 300 days a year it seems worse and it makes the head ache worse. the doctor calls my headaches optic migaines i still take sumatriptan for them but it does not help the noises. it never goes away i got use to it at night but all day long works on your nerves some it is hard to focus on things it is a disability for sure what a way to finish up life i have had thousands of headaches all my life and now this ah man. my doctor said it's not related to migraine he called it tinitis. my dad use to say he would be worried if a head like mine did'nt hurt ,real funny .i use to pray he would get a migraine just one time so he would know .i use to go off and hide in the dark and cry and beg god to take me..i hear people say i have a migraine i'm going to take an advil or somthing. i think how loosly they use the term migraine the difference in the two are like getting hit in the head with a water balloon or a sledge hammer ...sumatriptan helps with the fog and the sick feeling but not allot with the pain it cuts the recovery time in half.
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Hi headhurt, sorry to hear you are so unwell. Have you seen a neuro yet? Or when was the last time you had your eyes checked?

I have IIH ? PTC and it is quite rare and can be difficult to diagnose. The first year I was sick I was also told it was cluster migraine and then some other illness that they treated with large doses of steriods.Sure the streiods got rid of the headaches but not all the other symptoms I had. After a year of this I finally got mad and demanded to see a neuro.Within 5 mins she knew what was wrong but I still had to thru a battery of tets to rule out anything else.
The final tests, which is a lumbar puncture comfirmed that I did have IIH.

Go back to your dr and ask to be seen by a neuro and if you are seeing one, get them to re think what is going on with you.Best of luck! Cath278
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I empathize - I have same story as many I've read here: migraine since early teens: thank God for Excedrine and sumitriptan. I am glad to see here that some of you get the noises in your head - that was worrisome until I read that it's not just me. Some tips: keep a journal and try to find which food trigger the headache (chocolate, alcohol, certain cheese, oranges and/or bananas) and Take Magnesium Maleate. Can't tell you what a difference this made for me...cut frequency down by at least 1/3.
And get regular massage if possible.

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hey im almost 16 and i got in a fight and got punched in the head.So then i went on with the night after i kicked his *** then i was shakeing my hair,and i heard this swishing sound in my head.???like you get in your stomach after drinking a bunch.?should i be worried or what??????????????????????????????????7203315434
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I have the same issue from time to time, however, mine is not associated or accompanied by a migraine. I have been hearing the sound of water in my head that sounds like it kinda gargles and then stretches around my cranium. I just thought I was weird or something.
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My husband experienced the same noise water running or  dripping now almost 2 years, he have seen doctors but no answers, can you inform us a little bit what the blogger tell you. i cant find his answer. thanks so much
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Hi. I saw your post and wanted to ask some further questions about your husband.
Do he suffer from headaches?
Any trouble with his sight?
What tests has he had done and what direction are the drs going?
I might be able to help if I knew more. Cath 278.
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hello I have the same symptoms, I get it a few times a day but the sound gets worse when I get upset or very angry,
don't have migraine but only nausea and sometimes a headache

email me if you have any advise, patricia.***@****,
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This swooshing noise is called pulsatile tinnitus. Common causes are AVMs and raised intracranial pressure etc. But it can also occur without any underlying problem, so don't be too scared.

Why not google it to learn more about it?

A doc can help you find the cause if there is any.
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Wow your experience mimics mine exactly, it's comforting to know someone out there has dealt with the intense visuals before the intense pain. I dealt with a lot of depression knowing that I didn't perceive the world like everyone else, constantly wondering if the glare in your eye from a bright light is a migraine.  I've had so many important occasions ruined by a migraine. I can say know that I've conpletey accepted my situation and do not really think about it anymore. I take 50 mg elavil ( amytriphylne) everyday it has basically stopped my migraines and reduced constant visuals.
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I don't have headaches, not migrains. I'm healthy, not on Any meds. But started having a swoosh sound in my brain, when I lay down to sleep. It doesn't do it when I'm up. Does Not sound like water, sea shell sound, no pulsating - just a  swoosh. Sometimes several, (but not one after another). Sometimes just one or 2. Different strengths. Sometimes a strong swoosh, sometimes just barely. My ears are good.  Can't find anything on this - just people saying it's ear related. I know it's not.
It could be inner ear related, or something neurological.

I don't know if this applies, since I can't hear what you hear, and maybe you've seen it - https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/tinnitus-whooshing-ears

Have you seen a doctor? That would be your first place to start. They will likely refer you to an Ear Nose and Throat doc. Just go with it, even if you don't think it's in the ear. Often, ENTs can diagnose things that aren't IN the ear but affect the ear or hearing.

Best of luck!
Someone has said might be do to high blood pressure??
Yes, it could be a cause of pulsatile tinnitus - https://www.healthline.com/health/pulsatile-tinnitus

Do you have high blood pressure? If you haven't gotten it checked, please do.
thanks. It's not really a sound I hear with my ears - more like a feeling on right side, inside my head, near temple area.
You should get this checked if you haven't yet. Only a doctor will be able to let you know what it is for sure.

Let us know what happens.
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