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Hi all, Newbie here.......

Hi all, I am new to the community.  I am making my way through your post and replies.  I did not even know there is support groups and communities for something like this, til I came across it the other day.  My Migraines are changing and I am trying to find answers.  My family doctor is at a loss and judt suggested last week, that I go see a neurologist.  I always get so nervous about seeing new doctors.  My family doctor is convienced I have an autoimmune disorder, but she is just not sure what.  She believes my Migraines are just reflecting a more serious issue.  I can not help but agree with her.   My body is telling me something is seriously wrong, but I am not educated enough to be of any help.  

My Migraines seem to be changing in many ways.  Yeasterday, I suddenly got very sick to my stomach and dizzy for about 2 hours.  Thought I was going to hurl everywhere, for no obvious reason.  Then I got a sudden headach and then within 10 minutes, I got slammed with a powerful Migraine.  This has never happened to me before.  Then, for the bast two months, my sinus cavities have felt so hallow.  Like air is shooting straight to my brain.  Then my ears will start to hurt, burn, and itch.  Then the pain moves into the skin on my face, then into my teeth and jaw.  Its gotten so bad, I can not put any pressure on my teeth to eat and had to eat from a straw for a few days.  I have also had a few Migraines were my vision would suddenly shift back and forth and everything has a pretty hue or whitish glow around everything.  Like those old black and white movies, but much bigger and brighter.

Five or six years ago, my doctor gave me a sample of Relpax.  It was the first med to ever help with my Migraines.  I was so greatful.  Nothing is perfect, but this was such a relief.  Now my doct has put me on Fiorinal/COD.  I had never heard of it til she perscribed it.  It does not seem to be helping at all, but it is effecting my mood.  If I take it, then I am not as snappy or mean when I am in so much pain and if I take two, then I can eventually sleep.  I once could not sleep for over 42 hours, because my pain level was bad.  These meds are better then my previous.  I finally had to confess to the doctor that I was abussing over the counter meds.  I was taking twice as much Excederine, Ibprophine, and Tylenol.  It was to the point, that I thought I had given my self ulcers and the stomach pain was as great as the Migrains.  Luckly no real damage, but I was scared of the medical bills pilling up.  In the end, they pilled up anyway, so lesson learned.

Lately, being on the computer is bothering me big time.  My vision will blurr and its like the screen is moving and jumping.  I have given up on ever having a normal life, but I am fighting not to get worse.  Not sure if I have any real questions, just open to any insight.  Thanks!
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I opened this to comment, and then got a spike in pain...I remember wanting to ask if you've had your eyes checked, and an MRI, but that's it.

I'll try and put more in later, but welcome.

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Hi........  I have had MRIs on my sinuses and spine recently.  I had an MRI to check for a stroke about 3 years ago.  I have not had an eye exam in years.  I always pass the ones at the family docs office, so I never thought about it.  I would go if my insurance covered eye exams.  They only cover it if you have diabetes or RA.  Thanks for asking!
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Because your headaches have been changing and you are experiencing dizziness, you should ask for another brain scan- not looking just for stroke or just at sinuses this time.  Also, you should get a referral to a neurologist.  Also, you might look into cluster headaches and trigeminal neuralgia (see private message for more info on the latter).  

I hope with the over-dosing on the OTC meds for the agony, your family doctor ran some liver function and kidney function testing to check for damage?
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Hi hun......  Yeah my doctor did all those test.  My liver is mildly irritated, but its fine.  My kidneys are fine from the meds, but I have chronic Kidney Stones.  Or at least thats what they thought.  I just went to the Urologist last week and no KS, so I have went one whole year with out one!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah.......  I finally figured out how much water I must drink to clean myself out everyday.  I have to drink 12 (16.5oz) bottles of water a day or 2gallons.  Most people only need 1 gallon a day, but for some reason I need double.  

I asked doc about another MRI and she wants my new doc to decide what to do.  I finally have an appointment with a neurologist on the 25th.  I am really surprised they were able to get me in so quickly.  My moms Neuro is always 2 months backed up.
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