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Someone help me help my family please!!

My mom and my little sister who is just now 14 is really sick. It started with my moms neck started to cramp and led to loss of control in her neck (like a new born baby holding her head up). then she could no longer use her legs. when brought to the hospital they tested for Lyme disease. they said that she was positive but that all these things that are happening have nothing to do with it. she had been to 5 different  primary doctor and every specialist from a neurologist to a physical therapist. and none of them know what to do she still has seizures when stressed and is now in a wheel chair. she also speaks very simple using easy words now and does not quite pronounce everything properly,which is a new thing. That all started 4 months ago. Now my little sister who is 14 started with a sever twitch the other day that slowly got worse and lasted longer. Neither of them have a fever but her body and arms are very weak. she can sort of walk but looks like a 90 year old because she shakes and her legs get weak very fast. she is slowly getting each symptom my mom has. But she was also tested for Lyme and it came back negative.  Please someone try to help I am 18 about to turn 19 and all I want is answers for my family. I have two other sisters one 8 and one 16 and the 16 year old has a twitch as well but it has not gotten like this. Although when stress occurs my sister and mom both get worse. But I really think that something is attacking their motor nerves. PLEASE ANYONE ?!?!
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I only just joined this site and saw your question. I also noticed it was posted 4years ago now. May I ask how everything turned out with your sister and mother?
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