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Back & neck pain

MRI Report :
c3 - c4 There is a small right sided ostecphytec disc complex causing mild right neural foramina stenosis. the spinal canal and left neural foramina are within normal limits
c4-c5 : there is a right sided osteopheyte causing mild right neural foramen stenosis  there is a small central osteophyte causing mild stenosis of the spinal canal without evidence of significant stenosis the left neural normal limit
c5-c6 mild uncal disc arthrosis with posterior osteophytes causing borderling narrow spinal anal there is a mild bilateral neural foramina stenosis
c6-c7: normal
c7-t1: normal
L4-L5 : ther is mild slightly left lateralized dic bulge disc with a central annular tear, without evidence of herination of
the nucleus pulposus. the spinal canal is within normal limits the neural foramina are within normal
l5-s1: mild bulg disc a central annular tear with out evidence of herniation of the nucles pulposus
There is evidence of mild enlargement of the neural foramina s2-s3 filled with CSF signal, may represent Tarlov's cyst (arachonid cyst) Similar finoings on the left t11-t12 smaller in size
l1-l2 within normal limits in size shape and signal the included distal thoracic spinal cord is unremarkable. questionable nonfused posterior arch of s1 could represent spina bifida occulta.

some time I have backpain and neck pain
what is going to be happen?
In the future did i have operation?
I have car accident in 2009.

Please help
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Hi, Thank you for your question. Your reports suggest that you have disc prolapse at cervical and lumbar region. In slipped disc or disc prolapse conditions symptoms may originate due to nerve root pressure, pressure on the spinal cord and pressure on the tail bone. Common symptoms could be paralysis of muscles, head pain, pain radiating to the arms or legs, leg pain and numbness, tingling, or weakness. Warning symptoms can include loss of control of the bladder function, numbness/pain at genital areas, paralysis & spasticity of both the legs. In addition, if you are suffering continuous weakness and notice reduced strength of muscle bulk in leg, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away. Further referral to a physiotherapist for spinal exercises could be beneficial and may produce relief of symptoms. Hope this helps. Take Care & Stay Healthy!!!

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Hi, Thank you for your question. I would suggest that you wait for your MRI report since it will be an important investigation to precisely reach at any diagnosis. If you feel aggravation of symptoms then you immediately consult your doctor. Hope this helps.
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I have 9/10 back pain in Aug 2009 then same pain in Dec 2009. Now I have 6/10 back pain. Some time I don't have any pain. Some time I have feeling head lice or aunt crawling in my head. I am going for Physiotherapist on Wednesday. My family doctor said that I am not ready for the operation. Do I have to see a neurologist ? Please advice me. My neurologist examine me before the MRI RESULT came.  


I am waiting for your reply
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