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Black eye and numbness


I recently got hit on the face (it was an accident). It was about 9 hours ago. Immediately after the injury there was a lot of blood coming from my nose. I went to the emergency room at a nearby hospital and they just gave me an ice pack.

What I didn't notice at the time was that the side of my face that got hit was numb at some parts. I can not really feel the right half of my lips and some of the teeth there (when brushing). My cheeks seem okay, a little numb too.
I also have a black eye now (the blood has pooled I guess).

Should I go back to the emergency room or will the numbness in my face go away in a few days?

Thank you.
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Hi, it will take 2-4 weeks for numbness to go away, which is the usual time for nerve injury to recover. For pain, take anti inflammatory drugs for 3-4 days but avoid aspirin. Cold compression will help too. Please visit website http://www.emedicinehealth.com/black_eye/article_em.htm for more information

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How long did your recovery take?
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Almost this exact injury happened to me.  

Took a hard elbow to the eye playing hockey on Saturday.  Swelled up pretty quickly, but didn't realize it was numb until hours later.  

It's Tuesday and it is still numb 4 days later.  Just the left side of my face - mostly the left side of my nose and the left top part of my mouth (not so much my lip, but my teeth/gums).  Feels like I've had novocaine for 4 days.
Hey what ended up happening with you and your teeth. I had an extremely similar injury to you and I want to know if I should go to the doctor or to a dentist to make sure my face and teeth are okay. Nothing hurts just really numb from getting elbowed in a basketball game.
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I had a injury to the right side of my head and eye which has left a running bruise and numbness to my whole rite side even down to my lip top but not bottom and is mostly in high cheek bone and rite  side of nose..it all seems swollen a little bit but real firm. The bruise keeps running longer and I am real concerned that the numbness and tingling has been lasting almost a week.....what should I do?
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I still have the numbness and the black eye underneath the right eye and the numbness to top right lip and right side nose it has been one whole week and no change it feels very aqward..
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At least this appears to be common.  I was running and got dizzy, tried to brace myself on a lamp post and ended up slamming my left side of my face (super graceful move - still got it!).  A day later a black eye under my left eye appeared, and 5 days later I've still got slight swelling and numbness on left side of my nose, teeth, lip, cheek.  Hopeful this will abate soon, but it's reassuring to hear similar symptoms from others.
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I blacked out 2 days ago and fell directly on my face. Besides a very black eye i have numbness on my cheek and lip area. The cheek is very painfull. I just noticed lots of blood when i blew my nose. I have a appointment in one week to see my Doctor. Should i wait? Thanks, Larry at 360-213-6451.
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Experiencing this now, very worrying. It’s been 10 days of numbness, black eye has healed but bruising on cheek still.
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Black eye complete healing takes 3 weeks on average. If it’s not healed in 3 weeks then get it checked.
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