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Brain Tumor? Is this Acromegaly? Please, please I'm begging for help!!!

Hello all. I am Ashley and I really want to know what's going on with my body. These are my symptoms, if anybody can seriously help I'd greatly appreciate it. I have periods of extreme pain in some parts of my body. This just happens from time to time, randomly. My skeleton is asymmetrical. It's not always like this, but the right side of my body seems to grow much more than my left. This happened for a while in middle and high school and then I think my left kinda caught up to the right. My doctor doesn't think it's acromegaly but he also doesn't seem to take my thoughts and concerns very seriously. My bones are huge for my frame. The bones on the right side of my body are significantly larger than those of my left side. I have been experiencing (sometimes) excruciating joint pain in my elbows, knees, wrists, and mostly my hips. The right side of my body pops all the time in just normal daily life. It's weird because just the right side of my spine will crack (it seems.. not sure if this is possible even) with a deep breath or small movements. I experienced this crazy shooting pain which seemed to travel from my brain down to well it's gotten the whole right side of my body now. It's weird. I felt the cells of whatever hurting me grow and travel slowly down the right side of my body. I have intense pressure in my sinuses and think I'm experiencing bad sinus drainage. It seems like every part of my body is connected---I don't mean that how it sounds. For example, sometimes if I push on my stomach I end up with flegm climbing up my throat. I don't know what this means. I've been experiencing more gas than ever before and even the right side of my rib cage has expanded (not a doctor, just saying it in my own words.) I've experienced extreme numbness in the past where my arm would be numb and tingly or my chest especially and my face. My forehead feels very tight and the shape of my skull has changed immensely. I feel a shooting pain in my brain at least 2 or three times a day. It's as if I can feel my thoughts passing in my brain or something but it's a bad feeling. I have weird effects on electrical appliances such as computers, radios, stereos. There are some days I feel perfectly fine and others where I feel my muscles are lethargic and my body is in pain. Going back to my skull, my forehead has grown and my face has widened. It's especially noticeable in my jaw. While my jaw was growing (the right side) the two sides were uneven and I experienced alot of discomfort and lots of popping and locking (ha). My voice has deepened a little which wouldn't be noticeable to outsiders but I can tell when I am singing. I have learned to adapt and think in my head a little higher than the note I am trying to reach sorta like a manual calibration I suppose. It feels like my organs are growing or something in my body. I find it hard to breathe sometimes laying on my back. I am 5 3 and 110 pounds, it's not like I'm obese so my weight is too heavy. One time when the pain was really bad I put my hand up to my chest and literally felt something moving underneath my skin. Like a wave traveling in my body. It would go away (I'm assuming beneath the outer surface of my body) and come back later. My head has become extra sensitive and it feels like my skin is thinning or softening around my skull. Many of my lymph nodes have been swollen on the right side of my neck for quite some time now. My hands tend to shake on occasion. My nervous system seems to be worsening as is my vision and my sense of smell. My mouth has changed significantly and the roof of my mouth seems to be rising up. My ears, nose, throat, and eyes feel very vulnerable in a weird sense. When I blow my nose gunk sometimes comes out of my eyes. My right leg and right middle finger are both crooked. I kinda pieced it together with logic and think that my brain has not accepted the growth and tries to compensate and feel like both sides of my body are the same size. I don't know if this is normal but I've always been able to see my heart beat (or my pulse, rather) in my abdominal area. If I just sit back and look down I see the dum dum dum and I'm not skinny, I've got a belly. The bone covering my chest between my collarbone and my breast is like a hill while my left side is flatter. I experience a weird stiffness in my body as if there's fluid all around where it's not supposed to be. Lots of fluid in my face, I can push it out and feel it trickle down my throat. I felt this crazy spasm in my brain the other day and heard it as well. It was a deafening noise and I didn't know how to make it go away. There is a flattening area on my head about the size of a video iPod (sorry for using that reference, first thing that came to mind about that size.) If I were to draw a line perpendicular to my right ear and follow it up my skull and draw another line from about the middle of my right eyebrow and follow that up, the area is about where the two lines meet. This area is quite tender and sensitive to touch. Please take this seriously. I went to the doctor and he told me to see a counselor. I believe with all of my heart that this is not a psychological problem and am enlisting help from anybody who is sincerely willing to give it. Please. Please. Please. My family thinks I'm being a hypochondriac as do my friends. Because I couldn't find anyone to listen, I'm asking anybody to read. I'm not scared for my life. I just wanna know what this is so that I can move past it and deal with more important things.
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