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Burning, Itchy and Hot Pain Upper Arms and Upper Legs

HI!  I've been dealing with Burning Hot Pain Upper Arms (bicep/triceps) and Upper Legs (quads) for 7 years now.   It feels like someone is twisting my nerves/muscles until it burns and the area feels hot to the touch.  I thought I had fibromyalgia, but fail the test.  Im sensitive to chicken, eggs, honey, gluten, almonds and whey protein.  I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance low progesterone and with hyperthyroidism.  I have high cortisol levels. I was in 3 unhealthy abusive relationships and it all started after this.

I thought it was a circulatory problem, but Dr. ruled that out. I  only get vicodin prescribed and no diagnostic.  I stick to icy hot or various pain ointments of that sort.

The only other area that I have issues with is my shoulders area.  The chiropractor said it was teres minor issue and they did ultrasound treatment. It got better, but I still have problems with the shoulders.

i can't sleep naturally, I am never able to take naps or fall asleep fast.  I take a sleepy tea (herbal).  I can't concentrate (I have ADD and take adderall 5 mg/day).  I have digestive issues, Leaky Gut syndrome and candida overgrowth, season allergies (which I never ever have had allergies in my life) and my hair does fall, even thought I have a lot, I lose a lot.  

My pain increases when I find out I have candida overgrowth flareups, which is odd since I dont' eat refined sugars.  I only eat 1/2 cup berries and 1 banana per day. I eat gluten free oats and whole grains only as carbs.  Right now im doing a 7 day whole body candida cleanse and It helped the first 2 days, but now Im back to feeling lethargic and my pain is back in my arms and legs.  

I was in 3 unhealthy abusive relationships (with 3 covert narcissist) and experienced a lot of emotional and verbal abuse.  My pain started since my first one. I was always sad, depressed and under stress from emotional pain.  The pain is not as it used to be.  I know emotional pain gets manifested as physical pain.  Im really frustrated that I cant' find what is wrong with me.  

I got into fitness 3 years ago, changed my eating habits and my life improved a lot.  But, I till have pain and i feel unhealthy, even though I live a healthy lifestyle (clean eating 100%, working out (lifting weights).  I have healed my abuse trauma through quanta freedom healing and journaling, meditating and self development.  I thought I will be healed from my physical pain, but it has not happened this way.  I feel happy at times and healed my issues, but I do feel depressed only when see I do all things to help me be healthy and yet I don't feel healthy and Im in pain

I can't wear tight fitted clothing because I end up being in pain.

I will appreciate any help or feedback.

Thank You, Mary
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I would like to suggest muscle pain relaxation tablet Ultram 50mg that will give the full relief.

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