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Dupriettes syndrom

I had an appointment with a surgeon who was to straighten out one of my fingers wchich was bended to some 45 degrees, when I was told I had Dupriettes syndrom. He mumbled something about a tissue disease, and that all my fingers eventually would bend.
Have anyone ever heard about this disease? The spelling might be wrong.....Wonder if there are a cure, or if I have to cancel my long term plans.
Hopeless to achive some proper information over here in Norway.

Thankyou for sharing!
Regards Sture  sture.***@****
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Dear Steve:

Sorry to hear about your finger contractions.  Actually, these type of contractures can be due to two systemic diseases, diabetes or cirrhosis of the liver.  The Dupuytren's contracture or tendon contracture etiology is unknown.  I am not sure what is currently being done for these as I do not ever see these type of contractures.  I would talk to an internal medicine or rheumatologist.

Sorry, I couldn't help you.


CCF Neuro MD
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See a "good" hand surgeon and have it taken care of.  Don't be too quick to go back to doing much with your hand other than eating, bathing, etc.  I have had two surgeries and both have turned out great.  Our son had it done, did not take care of his hand and has had some problems.  Also, he did not have a really good surgeon and has some minor nerve damage.  Good luck
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