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I've  been struggling with health issues for a year now, that started off with a suspected duodenal ulcer. I was very ill with that, then my father was hospitalized with severe illness. This was quite a traumatic event for me, and since then I've had a lot of health issues.

Here are my symptoms:

Tachycardia (hospitalized for 4 days)
Diarrhea which has an IBS pattern (only in the morning)
Acid Reflux
Abdominal Pain
Vision changes (spots that look like a camera flash went off as well as eyes tiring quickly while reading and getting blurry)
Extreme menstrual cramps
Dizziness and balance problems
Sleep disturbances, Waking up every few hours
Extreme fatigue (some days worse than others. The bad spells seems to last a few weeks, then I have a couple weeks of relief, then it comes back)
Swelling of lower legs, feet and hands
Pain: neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, chest, breast bone (especially to the sides of it), left arm, abdomen
Muscles are tender when I touch them, especially arms and thighs
Weight Gain

I've had heart tests, stomach tests, blood tests. Nothing shows up. I'm getting very frustrated and discouraged!

Does this sound like it could be fibromyalgia? My only "tender spots" that react for me are my elbows, hips and inner knees (not as painful as hips and elbows). Since I don't have the majority of the tender spots, I wasn't sure.
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Oh, also want to add that my blood tests have come back normal, but always with a slightly elevated white blood cell count.
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i wish i could help you i have the same symptoms plus,if you find out please let me know,I am thinking that i have some kind of neuopathy but i can't get into a neuro doc until the end of feburary
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I pretty much can mirror your pain symptoms... And yeah, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago...
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well try to check yourself have someone do this, press on  the front arm, straighten your hands and arms and press in front of your arm.where your elbow is take your finger and cross over in front of it then press. if you feel the pressure flaring up that goes straight up to your shoulder blade then its fibromyalgia. i had the same sign you currently describing. my email is ***@**** if you want to know how i am managing without drugs. send me an email. will be more then happy to share with you. god bless you dear. from maria
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