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Got symptoms of Tardive dyskinesia today! Psychoactive drugs Worried

Hands, feet, whole body, strange position, jerks. Not really bad, I can hide it for a while at least.
I have seen it in others, mine looks like td.

Psychiatrist: "All I know is that you get iit from neuroleptics".

I need some calming answers please.

There are two plausible clusters of causes, one's that will go away soon, at least the source will and others's that takes longer time to get rid of the cause.
short primary suspects: alimemazin, withsdrawal symtops of Prozac.
Longer: ssri:s (have made a change).
No neuroleptica.

Actually I'm not interested in the cause right now, all I need to know is - is there anything that makes it a lot worse if I wait for a couple of days?
Is there any mediciation that I need to look for right away to possibly stop it.
I preferer not to speculate about the cause at all, I need some calm and reassurece because I need to sleep soon it's 23.35 o'clock here. I'we sleept to and a half hours and not much the months before.

I'm too tired for the rest. I feel depressed and exhaussted right now.
I might tell you the rest tomorrow.

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I can't think of anything else right now I might as well write some background for those interested in helping me find... I'we got a lot of serious symtoms and they might all be connected.

This is the 15:th month I am tapering psychoactive drugs. And despite all symptons - except the one above - I have tremendous hope, as I see it, based on good ground. EVERYTHING was difficult before I started tapering. Life has come back!

Four moths ago I took the last pill of Zyprexa.
When I started tapering Zyprexa I got less and less sleep.

Four hours sleep day for last 4-5 months.
I am convined it is Paroxetine/Paxile since I've had that problem eith that before.
Also, I have realized now, in the pace that the sleep lessened the hypomania became a bigger problem.
I had difficulty tapering Paroxetine - extreme fatigue and extreme restlessness and agitation and ten:ish other symptoms.
On 40 mg Paroxetine I sleept 3h 20 min with lots of propavan.
On 20 mg Paroxetine I sleept 4h 20 min with equal amount of propavan.

I was looking for a easier way to taper and several other reasons I now take 10 mg Fluoxetine/Prozac and 10 mg Paroxetine.
-Equally tired but with more energy - not contradictory, different meanings (one of my main problems the last 10 years)
-The restlessness lessened and for a couple of days I could just lay in the couch and do nothing - magic! :)
- My feelings, my lovely feelings came back, at least for a while.
- I started to wake up a little from my mania

-Tardive D...

It was not an easy swicht and I think it is the 9:th day today that I dropped 2,5 mg Prozac. The switch was not... it took a little longer way, therefore it might not look strange but it is not.
The last nine days have had some serios...
Agitation all days for the most of the days, racing thougts or similar, I felt and would have lost controll of myself if I had'dnt gone home and stayed ther..

However the last three days it has gotten better. It probably will go worse again but in a different form, or maybe not.

During the racing thought I have medicated with alimemazin.

There you go - if anybody reads all of this
Doen't it "hang" toghter?

Insomnia, restlessness, mania, agitation, loss of controll...

I don't know enough - but my guess -

Since the TD stafted when I switched to Prozac she wants me to start taking 20 mg Paroxetine again.

You have heard of my withdrawal symptoms - it swill take at least six months to get all ssri out of my body.

I hope I can wait a couple of days to see of the TD goes away, I hope!
I don' want to switch back to only Paroxetine again, until I tapered it off and that will be horrible to do, I can't just swith like some, it is horrible!

Now my manic, racing, anxietydriven mynd need a rest.

Hope somebody can add the above together.
But right now, the question in my forst post is the most important.

/Derick, 33, Sweden

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Sorry, I do take one more medicine that...
Some may think is obvious but I got reasons to believe it is not the MAIN problem: Amphetamine - 25 mg.

Damn, I would need propavan to sleep, well  well I don't wsant invoulantary movements.
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I do have a hyphothesis...

If somebody know if it seems plausible from a more medically knowledgeable perspecitve?
Maybe dopaminerelated?

In my journal I could se that I had noted "twitching, but maybe imagining" in week 12.
The premises for that day were similar to today.
I did lower the dose of propavan to half from previous days, I did feel more energetic than the previous days and I lowered the dose of Paroxetine 4-5 days before. Fluoxetine has a longer half life so that it is day 8 or 9 now since I lowered makes sense. And I probably, have to check, had a litte more mani a that day. And this time I also had been taking Alimemazin- so that might at least partly explain why it got so bad this time around.

However I will not take any chance - I will remove Propavan and Loratadin (Allerymedication) tonight.
According to my hyphotesis I would also tomorrow have TD on the same level as today, maybe a litte better because of Alimemazin is more out of the pictur.e. But the day after that it would get better.
But this means maybe 2h sleep tonight :(

I wish I could take Propavan.

Hypomania is a lot better than horrible anxiety and powerlessness.
(=psychological cause to mania? My nightmare last year that lasted 3-4 months)

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