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Has anyone experienced these symptoms? 3 months now, and I'm very scared.

I am a healthy 45-male.  Non-smoker. In May I began having muscle fatigue in my lower legs... both of them.  Within a couple of weeks it had spread to my arms as well.  Not weakness and not really pain... just a rubbery feeling like I'd been working out for hours.  I've been to my primary doc, a rheumatologist, and a neuro.  I have had dozens of blood tests done... all mostly normal.  My neuro did a nerve test on my legs and arms.  All normal. I've had an MRI of my spine... nothing.  Symptoms getting worse now.  Little muscle spasms all over my body, all the time (average one little spasm every couple minutes or so, from toes to legs to butt to back to shoulders to eye... everywhere).  Muscles are actually hurting now (they didn't hurt for the 1st two months... just irritated).
My legs and arms always feel like they need to stretch... like restless leg syndrome.  I feel like I have to pop my knuckles all the time.
I don't think I am actually any weaker... I can still lift weights and play sports... I just feel wrecked afterwards for days.
I am taking no meds.  I was on several meds for heart stuff back in May, but the doctor wanted to stop everything to isolate the problem.  I've been off everything for over a month.
The last two nights I can't hardly sleep... the spasms keep waking me up, and several of my muscles (one calf, one triceps) ached like they were 'pulled muscles' for about an hour.
So obviously I am terrified that I have a very strange onset of ALS or something horrid.  Doctors aren't really concerned, and I understand that.  But my body is aching all the time now, and I can't stop thinking about it (despite my best efforts).
Any thoughts or advice?  
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Talk with your doctor abd see if  he or she can put you on a medication called Pramipexole. I am taking it for RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) It prevents my legs from jerking and twitching so I can sleep at night.  First  looking into it too see if that is something you might. I do not want to push drugs on anybody I am just giving you my two cents worth
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