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Heaviness & Pains in Arms AND Legs,

Hi there,

quick background check. SInce about March 2009 ive had a constant neck ache and tension type headache round the back and sides of my head. Not exactly pains just pressure like in a vice and it doesnt ever go. Every morning i feel very unrefreshed from sleeping feels like ive had only a couple hours sleep be it i have 6hrs 8hrs or more. I was also having feelings of my mind being a bit foggy beacuse of the pressure feeling. Anyhows i saw a neurologist and he said relexes etc are fine with the litle hammer type test and they done a CT scan and full blood. CT test all ok. Blood all ok. I was then sent for sleep apnea test which was also all ok.  had my eyes tested to be sure. all ok there too. These problems are still with me. Approx 6 weeks ago i started getting shooting pains down my left arm. in the top of my arm and my wrist. Later that night i got the same pains in my right arm then my legs too. so all 4 limbs were getting shooting pains. like i had been hit with a bat. i went to A/E and they did blood again. all ok and said i need to see my GP. (i have done 3 times useless)
Then about 2 weeks ago my arms and legs felt numb. i could still move them but they were like i had slept on them and they had gone dead. a real heavy feeling. i wen A/E again. done blood and urine and push me pull you test. all ok again.
ive finally got an appointment to see my neurologist again (which will be in the next 1-3months)
But the thing that is scaring me is the pains and this real heavy heavy feeling. when im in bed i feel like my arms weigh 4000kg i have to kind of throw myself around to turn. when i walk my legs feel like i done a marathon the day before and my arms lifted everything in the gym at once. ive still got pains in my neck and pressure feeling in head. im tired, feel bit sick (think worry) and these pains.

any ideas? i cant seem to find in for on pains in arms AND legs


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OMG! I have EXACTLY the same!!! Man I thought I was the only one, I'm 14 okay and I have been worrying like MAD... I've had the pressure headaches and everything! Heavy leg.. My left leg feels heavy but it has shooting pains up it, it doesn't stop me from doing normal everyday things but when I sit down and think about it it comes on even worse it's really uncomfortable, I also have it in my wrist have you? I have been to the hospital twice and they first said it was tension/stress, I went the second time and they said it is sinusitis and I'm now taking medicine. I'm still abit worried but knowing that I'm not the only one kinda helps haha
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I also had my eyes tested at the opticians and everything was fine my doctor gave me penicillin and it's really helped but my leg and arm feels weird, optician can see of any things wrong and stuff. Sorry for the double comment haha noticed this was back in 2010 did you find out what it was?
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