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My name is Matthew, im 26 years old, my question is kind of hard to ask without explaining my situation, so when i was around 20 i started getting this little issue where when i was trying to fall asleep just as i was dosing i had this weird feeling in my head, it felt as if the insides of my head were deflating, it scared the heck out of me, it happened every so often,doctors sent me for a apnea test and scans, everything negetive, I was scared I found a trick to lay on my left side with my head raised at a 90° degree angle, it stopped happening, fast forward to about 2 years ago and it started happening again this time worse then before and the left side 90 degree angle only works sometimes.. doctors still can't figure it out, I have ****** insurance so I don't get great medical service, now it's the worst it's been, the only way I can describe the feeling as if my head is violently deflating, I get really scared and jump up holding my head in pain because it hurts so bad, then it goes away after 15 seconds at the moat, also instead of that sometimes my tounge will feel like it was electrocuted as well with it or by itself, so now I worrie about that, I don't know what to do, I honestly feel like something dangerous is happening to me and nobody can help.. it doesn't feel natural, and is very violently painful.. has anyone seen anything similar? (Deflating) is probably the wrong word to use, but it litterally feels like my insides of my head are moving and squishing together.. and the tounge being elecrocuted thing now too, obviously somethings wrong, and sleeping on my left side with my head up at a 90 degree angle is working less and less, it eventually does work though sometimes after a few episodes, and after that if i wake up in the middle of the night i can fall back asleep in any posistion just fine, thank you for reading this, have a good day! - Matthew
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I'm sure it is disconcerting when it happens.  Are you sure it isn't the change of conscious to unconscious as you 'drift off'.  Some people do have strange feelings when they are making this transition so much so that it wakes them up.  When was the last time you did a sleep study?  do you have any university hospitals near you? That sometimes can be the best place to go. They often have a sleep center as well as curious physicians who often like a good medical mystery.  I've had this for my whole life on and off---  I hum as I fall asleep.  A long hum note.  Sometimes it wakes me up, sometimes not.  People get that sensation of falling. Jerking.  Etc.  I just wonder if it isn't something along these lines.  Your head obviously isn't really 'deflating'.  Then you think of the carotid artery and where it runs.  The way you have to hold your head that used to help.  Wonder if it is somehow at times compressed when you are in certain sleep positions leading to the issue?  
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I've had that falling sensation as well, let me tell you though this is violent compared to that, and it continues to worsen, my tounge now feels as if it's electrocuted, and this thing that happens to my head is very extremely painful and frightening, I mean don't get me wrong I'd love for it to be just a hyping jerk or something but sadly it can't be, this is too violent for that it's not right.. somethings definitely messed up, my girlfriend is petrified when it happens
Thank you for replying as well, last time I did a sleep study was last year, no avail though, im baffled..
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