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Low B12 and balance issues

I was diagnosed three years ago with low serum B12 levels (around 90 or so). My doctor at the time told me that I did not have pernicious anemia because my level wasn't low enough for that. Before my diagnosis, I had physical, as well as mental symptoms: numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, poor memory, fatigue, and very poor balance, particularly in the dark. She prescribed once-monthly shots, which I took for a year.

I switched doctors, and that one told me that my level was very low, but it couldn't be pernicious anemia because "people in their twenties don't get pernicious anemia." He prescribed b12 pills, 1000 mcg per day. My last blood test, my level was 187.

I eat meat, I've never had gastric bypass surgery, and I don't have worms. I have a rich family history of autoimmune disorders, including my great-aunts who developed pernicious anemia in their twenties. So, I've gone ahead and decided that I do, in fact, have pernicious anemia.

I don't believe the pills are working at all. I am still very fatigued, I still feel "foggy" quite frequently, and my balance hasn't gotten any better. While taking a physical for a job, the doctor (not my usual), noted my poor balance, and mentioned that it is likely because of my low B12. He said that, at this point it probably won't get better, but as long as I'm being treated, it won't get worse.

I'm going to yet another new doctor to try and get this resolved. What do I need to say/do to get some help with this? Is the doctor who gave me the physical correct, will I have terrible balance for the rest of my life? Will I feel like this for the rest of my life?

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You may not be absorbing the pills.  You probably need regular B12 shots.
Speak to your Doc about this.


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I am in the same situation, this month I have almost passed out 3 times. I thought I was having an anxiety attack, but it just felt different then ones i have had in the past.  A relative thought it could be low B-12, which I have had for three years. I took a shot and felt better, but now it is back and getting worse. Have any of you got more answers?m  My doctor just says to take B-12 pills and Folic Acid. But something should be causing all this right?
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No, I haven't found any help. I'm still taking the supplements. My level is now 200 which is the very lower limit of normal, which my doctor thinks is sufficient. I don't agree, but I can't write prescriptions.

You're very lucky to have a doctor who was willing to take your symptoms seriously, although you don't technically have a B12 deficiency.  Well, you may, sometimes you can have the effects before your level drops below normal.

If you don't feel better after a couple of weeks of taking the shots, I'd look elsewhere for the cause of your issues. I remember when I was on the shots, there was an immediate and very noticable affect. I never did get back t0 100%, obviously, but I felt better very quickly. From others in my family who have Pernicious Anemia, I've heard the same thing.

Good luck to you in finding some relief.
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I am in a similar situation.  I am a 24 year old male, and have been experiencing symptoms for about 6-7 months.  I work in retail, so I stand about 40 hours/week.  Last October, I started having leg soreness/exhaustion, which I figured was a result of bad shoes.  So, I bought new shoes, and even had custom orthotics made, neither of which helped.  I saw a physical therapist, who taught me some stretches and exercises, which haven't helped either.  I went to my GP, had some blood work, which he told me was normal.  I went to a neurologist, who did an mri of brain & spine (which was normal), emg (also normal), and more blood tests (also normal).  Things were getting worse, though (my eyesight was blurry, I was dizzy, nauseated, etc), so recently I sought a second opinion (from a neurologist), who said that at my age, my blood serum b12 of 402 was low.  So, he started me last week on some b12 shots, and I've been taking some sublingual tablets on days when I don't get injections.  I'm hoping that this is the solution to the problem, but I wanted to know, have you found a cure for your ailment?  If so, how long did it take?  And what meds worked?  Thanks so much!
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