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Neuro issues, what can this be? Als?Ms?


I have been having neuro issues for the last 11 months. Well actually i can go back to having dizzy issues for many years. This started over year ago with bad vertigo, i couldn’t walk straight had many test done and was diagnosed with bbv vertigo. Few months later i was having balance issues and leg pain. Few months after that i started noticed my speech was off. Felt like tongue was big and making me speak off with people asking me to repeat what i said. I’m 38 yr old male with good health. So i went to neurologist back in late February, ordered a ton of test. Mri of Brian and neck. Showed white matter on brain but no lesion, neck showed cervical spondolytic myelopathy and cervical stenosis. He said it’s not ms bc of no lesions. Then got an emg and ncv done. Showed carpal tunnel in right hand and siatica in left leg. Motors were perfect so he said i don’t have als. He tested under chin, both legs both arms and neck so many spots done. I did blood work perfect and ssep test which were normal as well. I went to speech pathologist. They didn’t see any signs of aspasia or dysarthria. She said i have slight fluency issue. Also saw a pysch bc told speech is from anxiety, he said i have health anxiety disorder and general anxiety disorder. Decided not to take medication for now. I do have anxiety this i knew. Fast forward to now. Balance issues a lot better still there. Dizziness still a problem.  Speech issues still bothering me. This is daily on and off. So i ask my neuro to repeat emg/ncv bc of my health anxiety I’m convinced this is bulbar als from being on google all the time. It came back normal again. Showed improvement actually in carpal tunnel and siatica. He said stop worrying about als bc i have been 2 emgs in 11 months. He wants to repeat mris in spring to see if maybe lesion shows but he doenst think it’s ms. My question is what can cause speech issues like this if not als or ms? It’s always on my mind and now i speech less bc I’m nervous . Is this from my neck issues of cervical spondolytic myelopathy ? Or is this early signs of ms ?
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